Tuesday, July 31, 2012

sulfur in Meraux

Elevated sulfur dioxide readings at Joe Davies Elementary school as measured by Louisiana DEQ's Meraux site air monitor.

Louisiana DEQ's Meraux site air monitor readings for sulfur dioxide this morning with wind direction around 258 degrees:
Add two hours to display time.  Readings accessible at this link this link, select site data, select Meraux,  select date.

3am 11.3 ppb SO2

5am 14.1 ppb SO2

6am 25.4 ppb SO2

7am 15.4 ppb SO2

Louisiana DEQ has stated levels of sulfur at 12 parts per billion SO2 trigger headaches and adverse quality of life.   Residents have reported both flares in use at Valero in recent days.

St. Bernard Parish Air Quality Report July 2012

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