Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Peter Arkle illustrations

  Pacific Gas & Electric starts shutting off power to thousands of California customers as an ongoing fire safety precaution.

  A heat wave bakes India. Temperatures in Rajasthan reach 123 degrees F, and the four reservoirs that supply Chennal (population 9.1 million) go dry.

 Republican lawmakers in 18 states want to criminalize protests against fossil fuel infrastructure like pipelines.

illustrations by Peter Arkle, Sierra Magazine September/October 2019

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Wanhua Drops Application for Land Use in St James

Wanhua drops application for land use in St James but is still looking for a U S based location, possibly still in St James Parish because they appreciate the relationship with the St James Parish leadership (William Day of Wanhua Chemical U S Operations)
Wanhua looking at alternative site 

David beat Goliath. A victory for health and the environment.  Louisiana Bucket Brigade . .

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Methane is Money

Unfortunately, the total cost of our nation's dependence on fossil fuels and the public health costs, quality of life affects are still not fully accounted for.

Former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister interview on N P R All Things Considered about environmental regulation roll backs  https://www.npr.org/2019/08/29/755555482/former-shell-oil-president-john-hofmeister-weighs-in-on-rollback-of-emissions-ru

""in the future, the ability to operate in the fossil fuel industry is going to demand an environmental performance where the public believes that you are protecting the land, the water and the air. So regulations that protect the water, the land and the air, which enable the industry to continue to do what it does, are essential for the industry to be successful down the road. That's changed in the last 20 years. And so it's necessary for the industry to recognize that this is the way it's going to be, and it is the way it should be."  

"there are thousands of independent operators who produce oil and gas in the U.S., and they operate with much lower volumes of oil and gas. They might have one or two drilling rigs. They might have a half-a-dozen employees. So these are folks that watch where every nickel and dime is spent, and for them and their operating model, it becomes more expensive than they would like to pay for to have these regulations because they would rather just emit a certain amount of fugitive methane, give it up in the marketplace, but not have to pay the costs of engineering and putting in place a completely closed production system which captures the methane."

"It's not good for the public and the environment, and it's not good for the industry because it is really going on the cheap, and there is enough money in the industry to not have to go on the cheap. Consumers pay a good, healthy cost for the oil and gas that they consume, and that money has to pay for all the bills of the producing companies. And like any other industry, if people can't afford to be in the industry, they need to go do something else." 

Friday, July 26, 2019

Clean Air Act workshop

Save the date! 
Learn how to protect your community!
 July 31st Baton Rouge and August 1st Vacherie, LA.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Chinese Wanhua scamming Louisiana

How Louisiana is being scammed by the Chinese government.

According to a Town Hall meeting in St James Parish today

Chinese government controlled chemical plant company, Wanhua, is requesting exemption from new U.S. tariffs on both the equipment to be manufactured to construct its proposed plant in St James Parish Louisiana and the imported chemical feed stock to operate the plant. 

Wanhua submitted 55 tariff exclusion requests for the $300,000,000 modular equipment they want to import from China, instead of manufacturing the equipment in the united States. The equipment tariff exclusion request has an estimated value of $60,000,000,  and is still pending.

Wanhua also submitted a tariff exclusion request for the chemical feed stock to be imported from China; the U.S. Trade Representative rejected that request in May 2019.

Wanhua has also requested support from St. James Parish local officials on its application to make its St James plant a foreign trade zone. A foreign trade zone designation would further exempt other assets from business inventory taxes. 

Through an American consulting group, Louisiana's U S Senator Bill Cassidy has received a letter requesting his assistance on Wanhua's tariff exclusion requests. How will Bill respond?

RISE St James   https://www.facebook.com/risestjames/  @risestjames

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Flood "Authority" maintained canals

In yesterday's press conference, the Flood Authority East reported they were prepared for Tropical Storm Barry and had checked ALL the canals and took out debris.  Below are photos of the 20 arpent rain drainage canal, which does not look storm ready.

National News is its own disaster

Lamar White, Jr
Bayou Brief

""New Orleans, of course, did not flood in 2005 because it was hit by a hurricane. It flooded because the federal government’s levee protection system failed. The catastrophic flooding began after Katrina left.
Both CBS and CNN have emphasized the possibility of {Tropical Storm / Cat 1 Hurricane} Barry being a bigger rain event than Katrina. But rain didn’t cause the city to flood; levee failures did.
The reason the city received such a deluge {Wednesday prior to Barry} is a different story, but, apparently, it’s not polite to talk about climate science in a state dominated by Big Oil and the petrochemical industry. So, the official version remains what it always has been: This 301-year-old city was built in the wrong place. Pay no attention to the fact that this flooding occurred in parts of the city above sea-level.""
Lamar White, Jr
Bayou Brief

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