Louisiana DEQ Public Notices

Application for gas liquids recovery project to recover hydrocarbons as products rather than combusted in refinery fuel gas, primarily propane, n-butane and isobutane; work to commence early April 2014

Carbon Monoxide Interim Limits Increase Sought from 0.01 lb/hr to 10.03 lb/hr.

Valero Energy's Meraux, Louisiana refinery seeks increased Carbon Monoxide emissions limits until repair work can be performed on its Sulfur Recovery Unit. The SRU work will be performed during the upcoming turnaround in February 2014, along with work to the Middle Distillate Hydrotreater (MDH) and the # 1 Amine Unit.


During a routine stack test in August 2013 the SRU incinerator measured elevated levels of CO exceeding its permitted hourly limit. The likely cause is a damaged or plugged incinerator burner. Valero seeks to increase its CO emissions from 0.01 pounds per hour to 10.03 pounds per hour, according to a permit request submitted in October 2013.

Waste permit for earthen conveyance ditch and secondary storm water ponds

  • "it's not the really, really bad oil" Valero statement at NPDES/LPDES Public Meeting on water discharge permit renewal about the oily discharges into neighborhood canals.

Vol 1  link above rec’d d 8_6_2013
  • PAGE 16 “Formerly, when capacity became available, water collected in these impoundments was pumped back to the Equalization Tanks and then to the WWTP for treatment; however, these pumps are no longer in service and only a small amount of water can be drained by gravity back into the SSPS.  Valero reserves the option to reinstall necessary equipment to reroute water  back to the WWTP, as needed.
page 21 http://edms.deq.louisiana.gov/app/doc/view.aspx?doc=8945549&ob=yes&child=yes
There are no recreation areas within 1,000 feet of the facility's perimeter.
no known archaeological or historic sites within 1,000 feet


 **Document 5487999   Incident 119918  AI# 1238
Incident date 12/08/2009
  • Page 37 of EDMS Document 5487999  …… because of heavy rains had an overflow to water gathering system..overflowed and left containment…mixed w/crude oil….(Alfred Henderson, Murphy Oil)
  • Comments:  A  4.9 inch rain that fell during the early morning hours of 12/8/09 caused the storm surge system to overload.  The excess oily water was pumped to the equalization tank until it was full.  At that point the excess oily water flowed to a series of basins on the north side of Judge Perez Hwy.  When the excess oily water reaches the north side of the highway it is in an earthen conveyance ditch that feeds the basins.  A low spot along the ditch allowed the excess oily water to overflow onto the Collins Pipeline roadway and into another ditch parallel to the roadway.  Sand bags were deployed to stop the overflow.  The control valve At Out fall 003 was opened to release the excess oily water to the 20 arpent Canal.
Valero Energy Meraux refinery Title V part 70 Permit "V8" [Permit 2500-00001-V8] application for Renewal with Modification submitted Aug 15 2011, May 18 2012 and addendum March 1 2013, now requested for expedited permit processing by June 30 2013.

Dates Permit applications submitted: 

5/18/2012 EDMS 8393334 http://edms.deq.louisiana.gov/app/doc/view.aspx?doc=8393334&ob=yes&child=yes

3/01/2013 EDMS 8733855 http://edms.deq.louisiana.gov/app/doc/view.aspx?doc=8733855&ob=yes&child=yes

5/24/2013 EDMS 8852763 expedited processing requested by June 30 2013   http://edms.deq.louisiana.gov/app/doc/view.aspx?doc=8852763&ob=yes&child=yes

Title V Part 70 air permit renewal  Vol 1  8/16/2013

Valero’s Draft permit suggests the emission increases do not trigger New Source Review.
The Draft permit states after the Flare Gas Recovery System is completed the flare sulfur dioxide emissions will decrease from the current permitted level of just under 700 tons per year to a proposed cap of 182 tons per year sulfur dioxide. Given Valero’s Meraux refinery is located in an area nonattainment for sulfur dioxide, Valero should invest in the appropriate pollution controls before expanding its hydrocracker unit.

Request letter of no objection for tank seal change, Tank 80 -14 for wastewater service that has been out of service approximately four months. The increased VOC emissions will be offset by the emssions when tank was out of service and by a reduction in turnaround activity for the tank. Current primary seal is liquid-mounted "foam log" that is to be replaced with a mechanical shoe, which is more robut and reliable, but increases VOCs emissions. This tank accounts for 25% of facilitiy's ability to store storm water in tanks.

EPA public comment opportunity until May 13 2013 on State Implementation Plans for emissions from malfunctions, shutdowns, and startups


Valero Energy Crude heater SCR to lower NOx
includes addtional tank to store the aqueous ammonia 

Rain CII Carbon Title V minor modification not public noticed. 

December 15 2012 Rain CII Carbon applied for an increased variance to bypass the pyroscrubber from 500 hours per year to 836 hours per year with no increase in emissions. Rain CII states it will operate the facility so that off-site odors do not cause a nuisance. Rain CII also proposes to change the plant's name to Chalmette Calcining Plant.


ExxonMobil Chalmette Refinery   application 12-7-2012
FCC Unit and Alkylation unit.Request to modify  permit to update emissions based on stack testing.  VOC emission to increase by 13.83  tons per year.    Published for public notice requirements only. THIS PROPOSED PERMIT DOESNOT REQUIRE TO BE REVIEWED BY EPA. Request to modify the permit to reconcile emissions for the FCC regenerator flue gas scrubber vent upon stack testing and quantificated emission from flue gas scrubber vents in response to an EPA information collection request. Increase is 13.83 tons per year VOCs, including 1,3 Butadiene, acroleine, benzen, formaldehyde, dichloromethane, maganese, COMMENTS DUE Jan 17 2013.
.ExxonMobil Chalmette Refinery  12-06-  2012
Based on sampling and quantified emissions from the coke drum vents increasing PM10 , SO2, CO and VOCs. Chalmette refinery is located in St Bernard Parish which is designated as attainment for ozone, PM10, CO, SO2, VOCs and NOx emissions, thus non-attainment new source review does not apply. Considered a minor modification; no public notice.

Valero St Bernard Parish Refinery    Nov 5 2012 final permit   Hydrocracker Unit Revamp

Oct 5 2012 application for minor modification (no public notice)

Valero St Bernard Parish refinery to implement the Hydrocracker Unit (HCU) Revamp Project and other permit/revisions/reconciliations. The project's emissions are all just under the PSD Review threshold.  The emission reductions are from the EPA consent decree. 


The HCU Revamp Project will increase the followings:

The volume of the HCU reactor,

The utilization (normal operating rates) of the HCU and NHT heaters,

The sulfur loading at the SRU No. 2 and SRU No. 3 by modifying the front end of the SRU to accommodate additional sour water stripper gas from the expanded HCU,

The circulation rate of the Area 6 Cooling Tower to 25,000 gpm by installing a new cell and a new circulation pump,

The middle distillate product throughput at the river loading dock and at the tank farm,

The fugitive component counts due to the project.

SO2 increase 39.34 tons per year (the PSD threshold is 40 tpy SO2)

VOCx increase 33.8 tpy (the PSD threshold is 40 tpy VOCs)    
Application   10/5/2012    VALERO MERAUX hydrocraker unit revamp 

LDEQ EDMS document 8567096 dated 10/05/2012

Valero's application to construct the hydrocracker unit revamp (HCU revamp project) as a minor modification.

Hydrogen sulfide emissions will nearly double from 4.20 to 7.65 (tons per year).

Total VOC emissions will increase significantly. VOC's include n-Hexane, Benzene, 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylenes, and Naphthalene. Increased VOCemissions from the cooling tower is more than four times from 3.68 to 16.03 and VOCs from the river dock loading will increase from 9.40 to 15.41 (tons per year). Sulfur emissions are reported to decrease, although some of the decreased sulfur emissions maybe due to the EPA consent decree with Murphy Oil.

Meeting for RCRA Hazardous Waste Correction Plan for soil and ground water contamination at ExxonMobil Chalmette Refinery rescheduled due to Hurricane Issac

Valero St Bernard Parish Refinery  5-12-2012
request to modify ALKY Reboiler to lower NOx emissions by installing Ultra Low Nox burners.

Valero St Bernard Parish Refinery   5-8- 2012
Request conveyance notice for tanks 250-1, 250-2, 250-3 (tanks in area of Hurricane Katrina tank rupture). this tank farm's rain water drains into our neighborhood canal. the maximum remaining concentration of contaminants are for industrial use only.

Valero St Bernard Parish Refinery  5-15-2012
application to replace Tanks 250-1 and 250-2 that were removed from service in March 2011 and December 2010.

DEQ concluded (page 80) that providing personal income for the facility's permanent and contract employees outweigh the environmental costs.......  Final Water Discharge Permit Murphy Oil 

Facility specific SWP3 Conditions: The facility shall take the appropriate measures to prevent the overflow of stormwater from the facility and the West ditch from flooding the nearby Jacobs Canal. The facility shall inspect the areas of concern during heavy rain conditions to ensure that stormwater from the site is not causing flood conditions in the Jacobs Canal. A record of the dates and time of each inspection shall be maintained in an operating log. This log shall be retained for a period of 3 years from each inspection. (page 24)

Public Notice for Public Meeting and Public Hearing for Murphy / Valero water discharge permit
Meeting and Hearing both on Thursday November 10th beginning with 6pm Public Meeting.   The Public Hearing to start no earlier than 7pm and no later than 730pm in the St Bernard Parish Council Meeting Room.  See numerous attachments at end of document in above link.
Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
The Draft Permit Application
US EPA No Objection letter
The US FWS No Objection Letter
Additional Information
Additional Information
Additional Information
Additional Information
Additional Information
Additional Information

Murphy Oil seeks a water discharge permit renewal.  Local officials and concerned citizens request a formal Q&A format Public Meeting with the State DEQ. 
Murphy Oil - Title V air permit "V6" minor modification permit approval and issued by Louisiana DEQ August 16, 2011 .     Title V permit "V6" associated environmental assessment survey  or EAS submitted by applicant September 13, 2011

Documents requested in August 2011 posted recently in EDMS for Murphy oil - water discharge permit renewal.

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan

Storm water pollution prevention plan

Rain Carbon CII (AI #2557)    seeks regulatory permit for outside storage of petroleum coke.

Rain Carbon CII has applied for a variance for increased total hours of pollution control bypass in order to increase operations because of the river's effect on other coke plants.
Rain CII is under a new settlement  / consent decree, which allows a total of 500 hours bypass operations; the variance would allow an additional 150 hours.

ExxonMobil Chalmette
Public Notice application 3018 V3 for modificaiton/renewal of Exxon's No. 1 crude/coker unit
Public Notice application 3023 V5 for modification/renewal of Exxon's Sulfur recovery unit, hydrodesulfurization unit, amine treating unit, sour water stripper, waste gas system, benzene recovery unit and liquefied petroleum gas recovery

Murphy Oil Meraux Title V application for minor modification to
(Submitted May 2011; Public Notice and Public Comment Period pending)

.......revise the operating rate of the cooling tower...In January 2010, the feed pump to the cooling tower was modified to include a larger impeller to accommodate the increase in cooling demand as a result of the BenFree Unit project.......The increase in the operating rate at the cooling tower has also been evaluated for applicability to NSR in the context of the BenFree Unit....the overall project emissions increase..from the cooling tower is revised...The revised project emissions increase(s)..are less than the NSR significant emission rates, therefore the BenFree Unit project is not subject to PSD review when using this updated information........ (see Citizen's Petition to EPA to Veto the BenFree Unit Permit  )

...........to delete one compressor engine, reinstate two existing compressor engines, incorporate an existing compressor previously authorized (as an emergency backup compressor), revise the inventory information and identification for an existing tank, delete a proposed tank...reinstate an existing tank, and revise the maximum operating rate for the cooling tower......

.........correct a prior permitting error and reconcile the maximum operating rates by adding two......compressor engines back into the permit........ These engines were inadvertently deleted from the permit as part of a prior modification permitting the Clean Fuels Phase II project.... (  Title V air permit "V2" issued November 2007)  ) ( Public Hearing transcript)

...... these inadvertently deleted compressors which are expected to be replaced with electric compressors under the recent  EPA consent decree

Murphy Oil Meraux Terminal    Title V Part 70 Renewal and Modification
Public Notice

Murphy Oil Meraux refinery US EPA / LDEQ settlement consent decree
Federal notice
Listed as Other News in the Murphy Oil Meraux CAP September Meeting  :

The St Bernard Parish Council has requested a Public Hearing on Murphy Oil's Land Treatment Unit Post Closure Plan.  The LDEQ Public Hearing will be held on 9/23/2010 at 6pm in the Council Chambers.   For more information:  http://concernedcitizensaroundmurphy.blogspot.com/2010/07/louisiana-deq-public-notices.html

LDEQ is accepting Public Comments on its proposed settlement agreement with Murphy Oil on alleged violations of the water permit.  Public Comment deadline is 9/20/2010.  For more information:

The United States Department of Justice, United States EPA, Wisconsin DNR and Louisiana DEQ have proposed a settlement agreement with both Murphy Oil's domestic refineries.  US EPA is expected to announce the lodging of the Consent Decree soon, followed by a public comment opportunity, before entry in Wisconsin Court.  For more information on the US EPA National Petroleum Refinery Initiative program: 

SDT Waste and Debris Services, LLC AI # 153141

Request for comments of the July 7, 2010 Proposed Settlement with
SDT Waste and Debris Services LLC (AI # 153141)



Exxon's Chalmette Refining, LLC AI # 1376

Request for comments on the July 16, 2010 Exxon's Chalmette Refining, LLC
Proposed Part 70 air permit modification (AI # 1376)


Murphy Oil's Meraux refinery AI # 1238

Request for comments on the July 23, 2010 Proposed Settlment with
 Murphy Oil (Water Permit 2008 Compliance Order and Multi Media Compliance Order
based on inspections prior to 2006)



Request for comments on the July 23, 2010 Proposed Murphy Oil Hazardous Waste
PostClosure Care Plan (land treatment units)




Notice of Request for Murphy Oil to submit application for Solid Waste in Ponds,
Secondary Storm Water Basin Permit


Murphy Oil's 1999 Waste Permit link (LDEQ website, EDMS AI # 1238)


Valero's Permit for Solid Waste in Ponds, Secondary Storm Water Basin (AI # 26003)



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