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North Flare CEMs data, steam interfered with CEMs

2013 LDEQ Reports

2012 LDEQ reports

Incident Reports 2012

 offsite health effects, odor logs, incidents

EPA consent decree and final order in Matter of Valero's crude unit fire July 2012

2011 LDEQ reports

Incident Reports 2011
offsite health effects, odor logs, incidents

2012 Offsite Logs:

Residents offsite log November 21 to January 13 2013
Residents Offsite log October 16 to November 20 2012
Residents Offsite log September to October
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2012 Valero incident reports to CAP meeting:

Report for August 2012
Report for June 2012
Report for May 2012
Report for April 2012
Report for March 2012
Report for Februrary 2012
Report for January 2012
Report for December 2011

2012 Air Quality Readings


2012 Valero excess emissions

2nd Quarter 2012
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May thru October Valero-Energy-2012-Ventura-Drive-Air-Toxin-Readings

2011 Incidents

2012 Incidents

April 3rd 2012 Rain Event emergency flaring at Valero  after lightning strike

Above photos April 10th emergency flaring at Valero after power outage

2012 flaring and other offsite effects reports
2012 power outages

2011 flaring and other offsite effects reports


January - June 2012

2012 flaring and other offsite effects reports

Conveyance Notices

Dec 2nd crude oil to river at dock

11_08 hydrogen sulfide present, north flare deep orange, feeling nauseated

Nov 1 2012 hyjet leak
10_31 strong nasty odor causing sinus problems and headache

10_31 flaring and associated odors

10_13 both flares in use and strong syrup odor

10_11 & 10_12 1am steaming noises waking up neighbors

10_12 10/12 around 9:45am bad burnt smell, winds from Valero; still somewhat loud. Around 10am a strong chemically-like almost lacquer odor emanating from refinery, stronger as approach. Around 10:08am large puff of dark black smoke from Valero. left area of community. returned around 1145am, very prevalent, still strong distinct lacquer type chemical present. Was not able to call Valero until the afternoon

10_09_2012 hyddrocarbon vapor release

9/28 steaming noises heard over television due to shutdown of ALKY unit

9 22 discovered a leak in the fuel gas system

9_22_102 fuel gas leak

9_13 headache and sickening odors
9_10_2012 flaring and vibrations shaking houses

Sept 3 2012 hydrocracker startup 1,100 pounds SO2

Sep 2nd Fish Kill

8_29 oily water discharge
slop oil spill




Strong Odors in Neighborhood

August 30 2012 flare put out with nitrogen

August 30 2012 overflow western ditch

Aug 30th slop oil spill to neighborhood canal, the 20 arpent

September 10 2012 radiation safety assessment

Aug 15 2012 SRU startup 1040 pounds SO2

August 8 2012 health effects

sounded like helicopter - drowned out TV - noticed flaring. Have been experiencing flu like symptoms since early in the evening of Aug 8 2012. This is becoming a routine as far as feeling sick when valero supposedly is starting up units. Which is quite often.

July 31 2012 flaring with smoke

July 25 2012 LDAR report

July 22 2012 crude unit fire



July 20 2012 power failure from transformer

June 29 2012 SRU emitted 2138 pounds Sulfur Dioxide

May 17 2012 SRU complex malfunction

May 2 2012 power outage. SO2 emissions from Sulfur Recovery Unit 500 ppm, 1,850 pounds SO2 emissions from flares, H2S level in fuel drum 300 ppm. Ambient Air Monitor on May 2nd shows SO2 levels at 120 ppb, above the health standard of 75 ppb.

May 8 2012 635 pounds SO2 from flares.

April 2 2012 hydrocracker shutdown from lightning strike 4,500 pounds SO2 emissions at flare. and April 3 subsequent startupreport to LDEQ of

on going sulfur dioxide release notification over the reportable quantity, due to lightning strike effect on pump of hydrocracker unit. Elevated hydrogen sulfide to the flare between 750 and 915 pounds per hour. update on April 4 2012 estimated emissions of 4500 pounds of sulfur dioxide and 49 pounds of H2S. Valero reported that the ambient monitor showed values below exposure guidelines, HOWEVER, this is only for this one fixed station. Fixed stations are dependent on wind direction. Air monitoring was not conducted any where else in the neighborhood. AND the same ambient monitor did show values above health limits with a later release of less than 2,000 pounds of sulfur dioxide at Valero on May 2, 2012. In the May release, less than 2,000 pounds of SO2 resulted in SO2 levels in the neighborhood at 120 ppb. .
,  April 10 2012 refinery outage from power interruption 4,000 plus SO2 emissions at flare and over 1,000 pounds SO2 at sulfur recovery units.

April 13 - April 14 noise associated with flaring

April 13 - April 14 noise nuisance and flaring

March 6 associated flaring noise throughout neighborhood and March 7 noise nuisance

March 13th Tank 80-4 had a floor leak. Leak onto concrete, tank is being emptied for repairs.

Feb 8 2012 Sour Gas Flaring

Feb 9 flare emitted sulfur dioxide (SO2) at a rate of 145 pounds per hour, nearly one and one half times the 97.7 pounds per hour permitted rate for SO2 at the flare. Estimated emissions in excess of permited levels: 1250 pounds So2, 12 pounds hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

February 9 2012 Incident 137114 hydrocarbon flaring sour gas to flare for 13.9 hours, estimated flare emissions 844 SO2 and one pound hydrogen sulfide. "The operator inadvertently left the valve open to the flare...
Feb 7 2012 Hydrocracker Incident

Feb 7 flare emitted sulfur dioxide (SO2) at a rate which didnot exceed 1,000 pounds per hour; the permitted rate is 97.7 pounds per hour. Estmiate emsision in excess of permitted levels: 3,000 pounds SO2 and 30 pounds of hydrogen sulfide (H2).

Followup Feb 7 2012 hydrocracker startup Incident 137051

sour gas to flare for 19 hours, estimated falre emissions over 4,000 pounds SO2 and two pounds hydrogen sulfide. "...first time that the reifnery has performed the sulfiding operation on the Hydrocraker catalst since flare gases were being monitored continously for total sulfur content."

Feb 7th call to LDEQ Sulfur dioxide release to flare at rate of 200 to 8,000 pounds per hour from the hydrocracker unit from unknown causes

Feb 2012 Report

Includes Hydrocraker Incident and Sour Gas Flaring event. Air permit levels were also exceeded on Feb 24 for the flare's 97.7 #/hr rate for SO2, resulting in estimated emissions of 500 pounds of SO2 in a 24 hour period, and on Feb 26 for the hydrogen sulfide flow from the fuel gas drum, with H2S greater than 162 ppm three hourly rate average, for three hours.

February 23 2012 on West St Bernard Hwy a resident reported adverse health effects --- coughing, nasal problems, and sore throat. The wind was coming from the facilities towards the north east; he LDEQ air monitor is to the west of this location and the wind was not carrying pollutants toward air monitor. DEQ inspector contacted nearby facilities to request information about any emissions or process upsets for February 24th(NOT February 23rd, the day of the releases).


Yet, on February 28, 2012, a contractor noticed a benzene and other VOC’s leak. http://edms.deq.louisiana.gov/app/doc/view.aspx?doc=8383839&ob=yes&child=yes

January 12 2012 Hydrocracker shutdown

HCU shutdown vented Rich Gas to flare, resulting in estimated emissions of 1,450 pounds of SO2 and 14 pounds of hydrogen sulfide. Air permit limits were also exceeded on Jan 12 2012 for hydrogen sulfide at the Area 6 hearters fuel drum, H2S > 162 ppm, 3-HRA for 3 hours and for particulate matter, carbon monoxide, NOx and VOC's #/hour for 15 hours.

Other air permit exceedances in January listed in the Jan 2012 Report

January Hydrocracker shutdown

In 2011, the highest hydrogen sulfide reading at Murphy Oil’s / Valero Energy’s Ventura Drive site was 69 parts per billion H2S. There were several days from mid-August 2011 to December 31,2011 when the hydrogen sulfide readings failed to meet the 30  ppb health limit.  Some of the highest readings at Murphy Oil’s / Valero Energy’s Ventura Drive monitor were 69 ppb, 68 ppb,  62 ppb, 54 ppb and 44 ppb H2S.      

November 2011  Elevated hydrogen sulfide readings on Ventura Drive
11/7/2011  5am  30 ppb H2S, 11/8/2011 6am  45 ppb H2S, 2pm  68 ppb H2S, 3pm 69 ppb H2S, 4pm  62 ppb H2S (Wind Direction 134, 136) and 11/9/2011  7am and 8am  54 ppb and 44 ppb H2S.

odor complaint November 2011 

Murphy Oil / Valero Energy Meraux refinery odor log listed in EDMS 2011

February 8 2011 Incident 129098 6:30am heavy sulfur odor in air, LDEQ not providing follow-ups, 7pm odors in air and loud rumbling noises, requests LDEQ do real time air samples

February 23 2011 Incident 129382 very strong odors

March 12 2011 Incident 129879 smokey release

March 29, 30 2011 Incident 130293 odor in air, sore throat, strong odor consistently accompanies heavy rain, sore throat now for months, still no feed back from LDEQ

May 7 2011 Incident 131021 heavy sulfur odors, nostrils and eyes burn

May 7 2011 Incident 131069 sulfur odor

May 18 2011 Incident 131295 odor in air, nasal passages affected and coughing,  this particular odor seems to be present in the beginning of processing

June 18 2011 Incident 131892 low benzene gasoline leaking from tank Tank 80-11

June 19 2011 Incident 131903 ten gallons diesel material in neighborhood ditch between refinery and terminal, unknown source, soil contaminated

June 19 2011 Incident 131959 sounds like airport, roar all night

June 19 2011 Incident 131959 mid to late afternoon into late evening flaring event, very tall, very narrow, medium orange flame on north flare

July 18 2011 Incident 132467 oil sheen in neighborhood canal, 20 arpent canal

August 26 2011 Incident 133566 oil release at dock

August 29 to September 19 2011 log; LDEQ suggests for a more direct and quicker response to meet with the Oil company

October 18 2011 Incident 134758 nightly releases of substance, thick, smokey and smells like rotten eggs, causing breathing problems and nose bleeds

November 2 2011 Incident 135004 odor in air

December 2 2011Incident 135648 smell caused headache, smells like burning fuel. South flare deep dark orange color, trailing black smoke, refinery noise in house last few nights  page 24

December 3 2011 Incident 135649 constant high pitched tone in house, large flame both flares  page 26

December 4 2011 Incident 135652 very strong sulfur odor infiltrated house, cannot remove, south flare burning deep orange with black smoke, on scale of 1 – 10, a 12, so bad makes us nauseous. The odors were never to this decree inside our home page 29

December 4 2011 Incident 135654 burnt gas smell, horrible refinery odors inside houses, orange to deep orange flame with black soot from south flare.  Medium to high pitched constant humming emanating from Valero,  can be heard over television  page 30

December 5 2011 Incident 135663 rotten eggs smell last 2 – 3 days  page 32

December 5 2011 Incident 135759 extremely loud steaming release continuous for about three to four minutes  page 19   noise as incredible as headache causing odors (page 18)

December 5 2011 Incident 135699 sulfur dioxide coming from plant making resident sick page 11

December 13 2011 Incident 135815 noxious odors last 3 – 5 days in early morning

December 14 2011 Incident sulfur recovery unit shut down

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