Historical markers in St Bernard

This monument marker was once located at Murphy Oil refinery, now owned by Valero Energy, in an area of the old Villere land closer to the river.  This is where the December 23, 1814 scrimmage occurred, prior to the January 1815 Battle of New Orleans (approximately located at 2500 East St Bernard Highway in Eastern Chalmette).http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chalmette_Villere_Plantation_Monument_1972.jpg

 These are photos of the field drainage mechanism from the 1930's (above) and 1970's (below).
This area is near the 40 arpent canal and was listed listed as a War of 1812 Preservation Priority in the 2007 American Battlefield Protection Program Report to Congress. "The priorities indicate which sites, in the opinion of the National Park Service, merit immediate preservation action, which need ongoing preservation action, which require additional study, and which are best suited for commemoration rather than preservation."

This area would be a great location for a bird sanctuary and conservation area.

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