Thursday, October 31, 2013

how long has this been going on ????

I could cry salty tears.

For how LONG this has been going on !!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

neighbors talk safety

Living Around Valero

'Its not getting better. It's getting worse."

hazmat calls and highway closures are not uncommon

Friday, October 4, 2013

hydrogen sulfide

Hydrogen Sulfide is a poisonous gas.  Chronic, long term exposure should be limited to EPA's recommended daily exposure level of 0.0014 ppm or 1.4 ppb.  All too often hydrogen sulfide levels in the neighborhood fail to meet this standard. Some of the higher hydrogen sulfide readings at the Valero Energy Meraux plant community air monitor:
10_4 3am 4am 5am readings are 8 ppb, 13 ppb, and 9 ppb H2S respectively 
10_2 7am reading 8 ppb H2S
10_1 1am and 2am  readings both 10 ppb H2S
9_30 4am and 5am readings both 9 ppb H2S
9_29 6am and 7am readings are 10 ppb and 11 ppb H2S
9_28 6am and 7am readings are 7ppb and 10 ppb H2S
9_27 from midnight to 9am the readings are 9 ppb 10 ppb 17 ppb 12 ppb 10 ppb 12 ppb 13 ppb 13 ppb 11 ppb and 7 ppb H2S
9_26 5am to 8am readings are 19 ppb 21 ppb 14 ppb H2S
9_25 5am and 6am  readings 9 ppb and 8 ppb
9_24 5am and 6am both readings are 5 ppb

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