Saturday, November 15, 2014

no off site impacts, no reportable quantities

no off-site impacts at the plant and no emission permit exceedances

February 2013 releases at Valero cause sulfur dioxide levels to spike (readings of 103, 109, 128, 138 and 180 ppb)

October 2013 crude oil spews onto St Bernard Highway (workers evacuated into neighborhood, no offsite impacts)

March 22 2014 ROSE unit startup (no reportable quantities, no violations of permits)

April 21 2014 Benzene saturation unit explosion (the issue is the emissions are aromatic; it’s only a detonation)

November 2014 MDH unit startup and blown hole in the south flare (Valero noticed a tear in the flare and this will decrease combustion efficiency; MDH unit makes kerosene and diesel)

November 2014 startup of new hydrocracker vessel   …………………………………………………………..

Thursday, November 6, 2014

what happens without sidewalks

school students in Louisiana are forced to walk in the street because not all neighborhoods are afforded sidewalks

tragically students in Orleans Parish and more recently in Breaux Bridge have been killed while walking in the street to the bus stop.  Residents of Breaux Bridge hope the incident lease to changes, like sidewalks

"It's the time to come together as one for the greater good of all of the families that have suffered in this endeavor."" Councilman Menard also told us that although state law doesn't require sidewalks. Since he's been in office he has mandated that every new sub division or development have sidewalks.

In St Bernard Parish, instead of maintaining the newly installed FEMA project sidewalks, parish officials have allowed removal of sidewalks, even claiming an agreement allows sidewalk removal as long as the sidewalk is not currently used as a bus stop. Officials would not answer why students must now walk in the street to get to the bus stop nor have they responded to a public records request for a copy of the agreement to remove sidewalks.

One property owner that has been allowed to remove sidewalks is Valero Energy, a profitable corporation that recently announced third-quarter 2014 earnings of $1.1 billion.  

Certainly they can afford to be a good neighbor and replace sidewalks and improve pedestrian safety!

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