2014 incidents

2014 incidents

CMS downtime and excess emissions report

July 2014 temporary boiler http://edms.deq.louisiana.gov/app/doc/view.aspx?doc=9403579&ob=yes&child=yes

June 2014 http://edms.deq.louisiana.gov/app/doc/view.aspx?doc=9397771&ob=yes&child=yes

Valero flaring propane while startup of Alky unit; Valero calculates flare SO2 emissions based on the reporting threshold exceedance when the 24 hour aggregate exceeds the baseline average SO2 emissions by 500 pounds. There remains uncertainty surrounding the accuracy of the monitoring at the South Flare as sulfur-free flaring from the ALKY Depropanizer should not have increased the SO2 mass emission rate, but it did. Elevated SO2 emissions from the South Flare occurred for a duration of 25 hours.  Citizen reports to LDEQ concerning flaring, vibrations, and noise.  LDEQ responded there were no exceedances and no concerns.

April 21 2014 explosion.  report of chemical odor all day, different chemical, made swollen respiratory issues.

April 21 2014 large boom heard followed by flaring    ; facility reports an unexpected shutdown of the benzene unit and that they received no complaints


April 21 2014   odors and plant rumblings felt in neighborhood during flaring ;   facility reports an unexpected shutdown of the benzene unite and that they received no complaints

April 20 2014 sulfur recovery unit shutdown (no information on baseline emissions to determine reportable quantity)

April 2nd evening south flare in use, deep orange flame, heavy hydrogen sulfide odor

April 7 2014 Flaring event but not a reportable quantity because NOT 500 pounds of SO2 above some arbitrary baseline

March 22 2014 steaming noises louder than lately, afternoon massive flaring event, obnoxious odors
later wind shift and both flares still in use, prevalent burnt odor

Mach 17 - 19 reverberating noises from plant

March 13 2014 south flare burning a lot again lately, darker orange and a waffle-syrup odor prevalent in neighborhood

March 2nd obnoxious noises and vibrations to homes

February 27 2014 obnoxious noises

February 10th and 11th flaring at south flare, associated noise and vibrations.  http://map.labucketbrigade.org/reports/view/13165 been noticing Valero has been using this flare a lot lately, its the one just south of North flare. When in use it's always deep orange with soot trails majority of time. the odors are a worse smell and its more and more often

SRU shutdown Feb 10 2014 http://edms.deq.louisiana.gov/app/doc/view.aspx?doc=9204152&ob=yes&child=yes Excess sulfur dioxide emissions for a duration of approximately 46.3 hours. Estimated emissions 23,734 pounds sulfur dixoide and 72 pounds hydrogen sulfide. "None of the monitoring results indicated a potential impact to the public."

Feb 9th stinks around Valero and high hydrogen sulfide readings

Feb 8th around 130pm report of repeated loud noise possibly from steam shut down, lots of noise, louder than usual with lots of noticeable steam releasing from plant.   Very loud noise around 835pm repeated around 842pm, reverberating noise let a jet engine-steam release type noise.

Feb 1st 2014 noise audible in homes in morning, very loud steaming and roaring type noises outside.  Around 1pm heavy sulfur odors reported back by the 20 arpent, ard 8pm the high frequency surging noise audible in homes

Jan 31 2014 large steam release ongoing in early morning

Jan 30 2014 around 3am loud noises from refinery; around 5am large flaring event at south flare with associated noise, odor and rumbling of homes; afternoon smokey south flare with roaring noises  that later changed to high pitched constant tone audible in homes

Jan 22 2014 calls to SBFD to investigate natural gas odors; morning of Jan 23 2014 reports of sickening chemical infiltrating homes and making people sick; elevated hydrogen sulfide at monitor

Jan 20 at the dock, Fuel oil No 6 small discharge when sampling delivery from barge

Jan 19 2014 around 6pm strong, distinct burning exhaust, sickening odor emanating from Valero Energy plant

Jan 8 2014 excessive sulfur dioxide from SRU frozen #3 TGT overhead fin fans
Jan 8 2014 flaring leaking PSV from MDH
Jan 8 2014 after 8pm West St Bernard Hwy by Exxon Mobil there is a very strong odor outside
Jan 8 2014 obnoxious noise emanating from plant (not dock) around 3am or 330am; Jan 9 2014 reported rumbling of homes in morning and again in evening; Jan 10 2014 morning it sounds like an engine is running in the neighborhood; Jan 13 2014 distinct pungent sour odor sort of chemical base emanating from plant; Jan 19 2014 around 6pm strong distinct burning exhaust odor

Jan 7 2014 flaring event at Valero refinery in St Bernard ...... "An incident investigation will attempt to explain this rise and fall in sulfur dioxide emissions" NOTE: Start and Stop times are based on periods of elevated pounds per hour emission rates of sulfur dioxide at the South Flare. The calculated 24-hour rolling average exceeded the net Reportable Quantity during a different time range.http://edms.deq.louisiana.gov/app/doc/view.aspx?doc=9160658&ob=yes&child=yes

Jan 6 2014 after noon flaring on river by Valero Energy, said to only be gasoline vapors

Jan 5 2014 Benzene Unit shutdown
Jan 5 2014 midnight flaring by Valero Energy plant
Jan 4 2014 huge steam display, releasing of large quantities of steam from ground level and reports of rumblin's vibrating homes

Calls to SBFD and Valero for transient odor drifting east, no dates available

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