Saturday, July 31, 2010

Worker Safety

Letter: Support needed for bill to protect workers

Working men and women should not be subjected to conditions that have become more hazardous due to management’s decisions that place profit over safety.....  When equipment fails at a facility and is not repaired, management uses a phrase they call “Risk Management.” This tells employees the company is willing to risk their lives and those in the surrounding community to maintain production and profit.

  ------    Robert B. Hollis --  The Port Arthur News
July 31, 2010

ConcoPhillips refinery incident injures 13
...... ConocoPhillips is investigating the incident. No other employees of the company were allowed to discuss the incident......Officials with the hospital said workers were treated for fractures, sprains, scrapes and other abrasions. None of the workers suffered life-threatening injuries.....
----  Joe Gamm  ------- Amarillo dot com
August 2, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back to School

The rig explosion and oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico have empacted many families in St Bernard Parish Louisiana.

You can help ease their burden through assistance with school supplies and uniforms by sending donations c/o Ms C Muntz, St. Bernard Parish Public Schools, 200 East St. Bernard Hwy, Chalmette, LA. 70043.

The elementary and middle schools in the eastern or coastal areas of our parish are: St Bernard Middle, W Smith Elementary, and J F Gauthier Elementary Schools.

Another unique situation in our community also creates a new need for classroom library books. Andrew Jackson Elementary School will re-open in August 2010 as Andrew Jackson Middle School, the third middle school to re-open since the Hurricane Katrina. 

The majority of the faculty staff at AJ Middle School will be Teach for America teachers.  These young, dedicated professionals have not yet accumulated books for classroom libraries.  Donations may be sent to the same contact above.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

ethanol free gasoline this summer helps local businesses

whether or not you are an E -15 proponent or an opponent, purchasing ethanol free fuel this summer helps local businesses impacted by the fishery closures.

with so many commercial and recreational fishers not purchasing the ethanol free fuel for their boat motors, other motorists could purchase ethanol free gasoline and help the smaller independent stations through these trying times.

some local gas stations with ethanol free fuel (based on lack of required sticker):
Ponstein's Paris(h) Road
Meraux Quick Stop St Bernard Hwy
Meraux Food Store E Judge Perez Dr
Southlake Judge Perez Dr
Sunshine Fuels Violet E Judge Perez Dr
Campo's Marina
Breton Sound Dock
Pure Gas Corner Colonial Drive Violet
Lionel Sernigne Marina Delacroix

to add to the list or submit informational links, please send a comment
to read more about ethanol blended gasoline:
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Coalition opposes boosting ethanol mix in gas to 15%
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Louisiana DEQ Public Notices

Murphy Oil ponds
Notice of Application ---  Scheduled Publication Date July 23, 2010
Murphy Oil Meraux Hazardous Waste Post Closure Plan   

Check for updated Attachments at bottom of this link

Notice Of Application to be Submitted within 120 days
Murphy Oil Meraux Solid Waste - Secondary Storm Basin Water Permit

Link to Solid Waste Permit 1999

pg 6 and 7 explain capacity (or lack of capacity) for process and storm water

and (page 99) Murphy's waiver for a 200 foot buffer zone

page 129 states outside 100 year flood zone

Residents await much needed improvements which should put a stop to the use of our neighborhood canal for contaminated oil discharges.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Methane and H2S Surveys : Picarro CRDS Technology

Picarro CRDS Technology could be useful to monitor effects on air quality from the BP rig oil leak.  In January 2010 Picarro's Technology was demonstrated in the New Orleans Region.

Environmental Surveys January 2010

Chalmette Refinery and Murphy Oil methane plume analysis January 2010

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