Saturday, July 24, 2010

ethanol free gasoline this summer helps local businesses

whether or not you are an E -15 proponent or an opponent, purchasing ethanol free fuel this summer helps local businesses impacted by the fishery closures.

with so many commercial and recreational fishers not purchasing the ethanol free fuel for their boat motors, other motorists could purchase ethanol free gasoline and help the smaller independent stations through these trying times.

some local gas stations with ethanol free fuel (based on lack of required sticker):
Ponstein's Paris(h) Road
Meraux Quick Stop St Bernard Hwy
Meraux Food Store E Judge Perez Dr
Southlake Judge Perez Dr
Sunshine Fuels Violet E Judge Perez Dr
Campo's Marina
Breton Sound Dock
Pure Gas Corner Colonial Drive Violet
Lionel Sernigne Marina Delacroix

to add to the list or submit informational links, please send a comment
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