Wednesday, February 25, 2015

rain event flooding occurs too

Union of Concerned Scientists
February 25 2015 Gretchen Goldman, lead analyst center for Science and Democracy

“Our results were startling,” said Christina Carlson, the UCS report’s first author, “all five refineries analyzed face risks from storm surge and Valero’s Meraux facility may even be inundated by 2050 because of sea level rise alone.

Here in St Bernard Parish, Louisiana the Valero Meraux refinery had repeated reports of processing campus flooding during afternoon rain showers, which can total up to eight inches and cause overflow flooding from the refinery into our neighborhoods.  The last couple of years have been droughts so its not easy to determine if so called improvements to storm water management have actually made a difference.  We wont know until the next rain event flood.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

worker safety

United Steelworkers issue strike notices in Louisiana

The steelworkers say the sticking point doesn’t involve wages, but rather staffing and workloads, health and safety issues and health care.

“We’re committed to reaching a settlement that works for both parties,” said USW Vice President Tom Conway, “but adequate staffing levels, worker fatigue and other important safety issues must be addressed.”

“Our members are speaking loud and clear,” said Gary Beevers, USW International vice president who oversees the union’s oil sector. “If it takes a global fight to win safe workplaces, so be it.”

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

alarms and siren

Valero Energy's Meraux petroleum refinery signaled alarms for plant workers due to an unexpected fire in the R O S E unit, which was reported extinguished within ten minutes.

Residents were the first to notify local fire and sheriff departments of the reported worker evacuation of Area 2 of the refinery.  If the plant alarms automatically signaled the local authorities, that would bring about much needed improvements for community safety.

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