2012 Air Quality Readings St Bernard Parish

 2012 Report link here: Air-Quality--in-St-Bernard-Parish_-LA

Below are links to recaps of some of the higher air quality readings from the Louisiana DEQ Air Monitoring Data  http://airquality.deq.louisiana.gov/Data website (under 'site data') and the Valero Energy's Ventura Drive Monitor  website (under 'Readings').  The LDEQ monitor website is also available through http://www.deq.louisiana.gov/portal/  , right hand column, ON AIR icon, select 'site data', select either "Ch_Vista" or "Meraux" for air quality readings in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.

Air Toxin Sample Results from Valero's Ventura Drive Monitor are available at the Valero monitor's website,  under 'Documents' . Some of those air toxin sample results are listed at bottom. 

We do not have access to the 5-minute and 30-minute peak exposure levels of sulfur dioxide, nor do we have access to the air toxin sample results from the LDEQ monitors, "Ch_Vista" and "Meraux".

2012 recap of some of the higher readings

The air in St. Bernard Parish failed to meet PM2.5  pollution limits on at least 34 days, with high readings of 69 ug/m3, 67 ug/m3, and 61 ug/m3 at DEQ’s ‘Ch_Vista’ site, well above the 35 ug/m3 standard . PM10 readings failed to meet pollution limits on at least two days in Chalmette Vista with high readings of 167 ug/m3 and 150 ug/m3; and, on four days at Valero Energy’s Ventura Drive site with high readings of 238 ug/m3, 187 ug/m3, 183 ug/m3, 166 ug/m3, and 153 ug/m3, well above the 150 ug/m3 standard   
Air quality in St. Bernard Parish failed to meet the one-hour sulfur health standard of 75 ppb on 29 days, with some of the highest readings at DEQ’s ‘Ch_Vista’ site of 241 ppb, 229 ppb, 216 ppb, 211 ppb, 184 ppb, 174 ppb, 164 ppb, and 148 ppb.  The sulfur levels at Valero Energy’s Ventura Drive site failed to meet the health standard on one day with 120 ppb, and had 34 days of acute exposure level of 10 ppb or higher, with five days of sulfur readings at 30 ppb or higher.  Some of the higher sulfur readings at Valero Energy’s Ventura Drive site were 120 ppb, 48 ppb, 45 ppb and 41 ppb.  The DEQ ‘Meraux’ site at Joe Davies Elementary school had 47 days of acute exposure level of 10 ppb or higher and three days of 30 ppb or higher, with some of its highest readings at 59 ppb, 43 ppb, and 33 ppb.
DECEMBER 2012-St-Bernard-Air-Quality


FEBRUARY- 2012 -St-Bernard-Air-Quality



Air Toxin Sample Results from Valero's Ventura Drive Monitor are available at the Valero monitor's website, under 'Documents'

Recap of results at this link for May to October 2012 for air toxin samples.  Other air toxin sample results below.

"Benzene and 1, 3-butadiene cause no odors at lower concentrations but are great health concern for long time exposure even in lower concentrations." ----- LDEQ 2009 St Bernard Air Monitoring Project Final Report

Sample date -- analyzed date

10/07/2012 sample analyzed 10/12/2012
10/01/2012 sample analyzed 10/11/2012
9/25/2012 sample analyzed 10/3/2012
9/19/2012 sample analyzed 9/24/2012
9/13/2012 sample analyzed 9/20/2012
9/07/2012 sample analyzed 9/18/2012
9/01/2012 sample analyzed 9/13/2012

Excess emissions 2012 2nd Quarter

Excess emissions 2012 1st Quarter

Above:  location of the three ambient air monitors:
Ch_Vista, Ventura and Meraux
and the former location of two other monitors, "Entergy" on the west bank of the Mississippi
River and "Ch HIGH" at the local school.
The Chalmette VISTA air monitor that has detected many of the sulfur dioxide violations was placed in service in 2005 because of the hard work and dedication of the members of St. Bernard Citizens for Environmental Quality, its long time, outspoken President, Ken Ford, and the Louisiana Bucket Brigade's use of grassroots action to create informed, sustainable communities free from industrial pollution.  The Valero Energy's Ventura Drive air monitor was placed in service in 2011 as required by an EPA consent decree that resulted from a citizen's enforcement action by the neighborhood association, Concerned Citizens Around Murphy. The LDEQ 2009 Air Quality report contains information about the former "Entergy" and "Ch High" sites.  The EPA AirData website Monitor Values menu has data from all sites, including a former site on Mehle Ave in Arabi (prior 2005)

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