Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jacob Canal Floods

Summer 2007: Exxon Houston Pipeline Group, while excavating to install a new crude oil pipeline, filled in the municipal storm drainage canal in the area where Ohio Street intersects Jacob Drive (shown above in photo from 2010). SBPG Public Works director confirmed he was contacted by several residents, inspected the canal himself, and ordered Exxon to remove the excavated soil. A few residents report they approached the heavy equipment operator and advised him not to fill in the rain ditch. One can only imagine the pleasantries exchanged.

Summer 2009, was cleared at the southern end, at the petrochemical testing lab site, but improvements were not made in the area which directly effects the residential homes.

Around the same time, Murphy Oil made improvements to Exxon's pipeline easement, raising the topography with aggregate for the makeshift parking area and grading the lot to drain west, changing the easterly flow. Once again Jacob Canal was inadvertently filled in, this time in the area directly north of the restored residential homes, just south of the Ohio - Jacob intersection.


One could simply walk across the ditch.... The June 2009 rain event illustrated flooding effects of storm drainage management. (around the four minute mark)

December's rain event brought an oil discharge into another neighborhood's canal, which, like the Jacob Canal, discharges into the Central Wetlands.

Jacob Canal, shown above in 2010 photo, holds water in area directly behind restored homes.

Just north of that area, where the canal has been filled in twice, the canal is dry (first two photos above). When properly maintained, the natural hydrology flows north through other residential neighborhoods and into the Central Wetlands.

The blockage caused by the pipeline - parking lot work has not been remedied.
Homeowners patiently wait the appropriate fill to their properties, which is part of the post 2005 crude oil spill remediation project. At the very least, the parish should enforce installation of required chain walls on adjacent, higher-grade, Murphy-owned lots. This would stop adverse flooding from adjacent "buffer zone" properties.

Residents are not aware of any improvements made to assure Murphy Oil will contain its own refinery storm water runoff.

Hurricane Season Is 6 weeks away.
What are we waiting for....................................

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