Air Products Hydrogen Plant at Valero Energy's Meraux Plant

Photo of Meraux neighborhood adjacent to Valero flares, site of proposed Air Products hydrogen plant at Valero's refinery in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. Air Products states:  "There are no residences in close proximity to the proposed site facility." [Page 203 / 214 ]
 Photo credit:  TELC Citizen's Guide to Environmental Protection in Louisiana - Introduction

On June 3, 2010 EPA revised the primary sulfur dioxide standard to a 1-hour standard at a level of 75 parts per billion (ppb). On May 31, 2011 Louisiana DEQ designated St. Bernard Parish non-attainment.  The hydrogen plant application [Page 24 /214] application [Page 24/214] "[t]he parish is currently designated as attainment for all criteria pollutants".  Emissions from project page 25 / 214 , includes ammonia, sulfur dioxide (25.91  tons per year) and VOCs (39.14 tons per year). August 14 2012 pollution dispersion model doesnot list sulfur dioxide; both the reformer and the boiler will fire refinery fuel gas produced  by Valero Energy's Meraux refinery. Air Products will also construct and operate a flare and a 3 celled convective cooling tower.  The local burden of associated requirements to reduce 'green house gases' will be high emissions of criteria pollutants from the hydrogen plant and auxiliary boiler, from consumption of large quantities of natural gas, or from a nearby offsite supplier of electricity.  [Page 54 / 214 ] 
.... ."while the addition ...will result in a significant reduction in CO2, it will also result in the local community, Chalmette and Meraux, Louisiana, being exposed to much higher levels of criteria pollutants. While Air Products might be "saving the global community" by reducing GHG emissions, it will come at the expense of high emissions {of criteria pollutants} burdens locally."

There is no analysis for what explosion scenarios this hydrogen plant will add to our community.
There is no analysis for how the new facilities along with the major modifications to the existing plant will impact the surrounding community, including the anticipated noise from the flaring and steaming. .

On March 28 2013 Air Products requested LDEQ suspend suspend review of application for 180 days due to change in the project schedule.  The expedited review of the permit application was expected to be completed on April 1 2013.
 3/28/2013 Request to suspend application review
8/24/2012 Proof of Publication
8/13/2012 Administrative Completeness Determination
8/10/2012 Title V permit application
8/9/2012  Request for expedited processing
8/14/2012 pollution dispersion model




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