Rain CII Carbon

A good neighbor operates on a daily basis in a way that demonstrates respect for the people who reside on the other side of the fence.

July 17 2013 HRQLC meeting around the 21 minute mark for Rain CII 2007 Study and local Council Ordinance for permitting such modifications.


May 16 2013 DEQ presentation to HRQLC 

April 4 2013 response http://edms.deq.louisiana.gov/app/doc/view.aspx?doc=8783410&ob=yes&child=yes

March 1, 2013 Compliance Order --  discharging sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid without a permit.  Discharging carbon disulfide, carbonyl  sulfide and hydrogen sulfide without a permit.


January 2013 revoke (December) variance

Title V minor modification application to make permanent variance

June 2011 request for public hearing

2008 Public Comments


There is nothing in the permit that assures the totality of emission ... are safe.

There is nothing in the permit that assures the permit limits are appropriate for our community which is now at attainment but is technically out of attainment with the new EPA ambient air quality standards (March 2008)

There is nothing in the permit that assures the agency (LDEQ) will follow through once we have these site specific continuous monitored results.

This industrial district in particular seems to be saturated for SO2 and PM 10 (based on the ambient air monitoring sites) and with other pending possible future heavy industrialized expansions in other nearby industrial districts, our community's air quality should be protected now with this opportunity and with restrictions and limits on the number and types of similar additions of major sources of SO2 and PM 10 and other criteria pollutants in any future permit applications in St Bernard Parish.

How often will LDEQ require adjustments to the "production/process" or operations should the monitoring prove unsafe levels of emissions? --  Comments to LDEQ by CCAM June 2008

2009 Community Interviewhttp://www.docstoc.com/docs/143149693/Rain-CII-Carbon-2009--Initial-Interview-Checklist_Rain_CII_Carbon 

Environmental regulations should be coupled with appropriate control mechanisms so that new regulatory requirements on the industry or a new industrial expansion do not cost the air quality of the community.

  Our community's goal is for economic development with safe, productive neighborhoods as a primary goal.

2008 Public Hearing

Louisiana Air Emission General Conditions: This general condition does not authorize the maintenance of a nuisance, or a danger to public health and safety.

We ask that the CII proposed permit be denied, CII bypass stack has no filtering system and on start up and shut down emissions does cause a nuisance.

DEQ should cite CII when they create a nuisance.

Monitoring is insufficient, more monitoring is necessary.

Past complaints and pictures should send a signal or message to DEQ that CII has more problems than they admit.

DEQ is lacking their responsbility to the people in St Bernard Parish.   ----  Page 10/89

What does the agency plan to implement when the continous site specific monitors in the community and the ambient air monitors show the deterioration in our air quality and the exceedances of federal air permits? page 35/89

LDEQ's response to public comments

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