Friday, March 23, 2012

Houston residents concerned

Fenceline Neighborhood in Houston, Texas concerned about increased pollution from refining tar sands oil, as are Port Arthur, Texas residents.

 Texas Land Owners concerned about water contamination and lack of regulations and enforcement.  Land owners told " either take it our way or else."  big oil big money. no body wins in the end and the American people are not going to win over this.

it's not regular crude, its the dirtiest crude in the world.  .



Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mid March Air Quality Report

Some of the higher air quality readings in St Bernard Parish  for the Month of March 2012 taken from the Louisiana DEQ Air Monitor at the Chalmette Vista Site. [Note:  The Ventura Drive Monitor      is not available at that this time}

March 2012

Hourly Reading
2 ppb H2s, 12.8 ppb SO2
7ppb H2s, 100.5 ppb SO2
9 ppb H2S, 63.5 ppb SO2
11 ppb H2s, 65.6 ppb SO2
5 ppb H2S, 47 ppb SO2

7 ppb H2S, 99.7 ppb SO2
27.4 ppb SO2
92.7 ppb SO2

health  standards
SO2 75 ppb hourly average
H2S 1.4 ppb recommended daily exposure
PM 2.5 35
SO2 Values displayed are hourly averages.  We do not have access t othe 5 minute and 30 minute peak exposure levels.  We donot have access to PM10 conversion to PM 2.5 information.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

contaminated soil on homesites

The Carroll Cox Show

Carrol discussed contamined soil on military base home sites.  Very similar to neighborhoods in the Murphy Oil spill areas.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

preserving R1 zoning

A land use plan to redistribute LLT properties was discussed at District level workshops Saturday. The importance of a stable real estate market and preserving the residential zoning ("R1 - single family houses) were identified as keystone commitments to our community's future and especially for the future of our neighborhoods.

The HRQL commission plans to group some of the continguous lots together and subdivide into larger lots. This will decrease density and allow for more options on the homesites. Some lots along the drainage canals will be used to manage storm water flow and others maybe available for parks and parkways.

The public was assured the existing zoning will be preserved, as many of the LLT lots are residentially-zoned "R1" for single family houses.

Preserving residential zoning is a keystone commitment in another plan,  "Our Vision" , presented in 2008 to the parish council. It will be difficult for the councilmembers to preserve R1 on the LLT lots if they begin to take R1 in established neighborhoods and turn it into commercial through spot zoning.  It will set precedent.

Recently, the Planning and Zoning Commission conducted a public hearing on a zoning application to change R1 to General Commercial, C2. The council will take its final vote on this Docket 03-12 sometime in the next month or so. The reason for the zoning change request is not clear and the docket lacks enough information for residents to fully participate in this discussion. There is no information on the leaseable warehouse in question, nor the proposed use as a micro-brewery.

  The property is a single parcel of land with two different zonings, which reflects the historical commercial depth of 200 feet and the current law prohibiting commercial beyond 250 feet from the highway. In this docket, the request is for commercial incursion of a total of 600 feet.

The abutting properties are all zoned R1 and are beautifully restored homes in an established neighborhood. The R1 property in the docket is part of this neighborhood; for some reason the homesites were never developed and the majority of the land has been vacant for decades.  The property owners constructed two apartment complexes and in doing so restricted themselves from accessing the residential property.  The property now has a new owner.

On the commercial portion of land on the highway sits two occupied apartments. The rear apartment complex is on both commercial and R1 zones. Behind the apartments, on the R1 land, is a warehouse which was once used only for storage. It is now proposed for any variety of commercial uses which may be allowed in commercial zones. The applicant indicated one of his tenants maybe a brewery which would require Industrial zoning. There is no information on the brewery  nor the warehouse in the docket folder.

This type of spot zoning is illegal and the neighborhood is set to fight to preserve the R1 zoning and remain a family orientated neighborhood.

Friday, March 2, 2012

February air quality report


St. Bernard Parish Air Quality Reports

A monthly report of some of the highest air toxin readings in the ambient air in Chalmette and Meraux, Louisiana as measured by the three community air monitors

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