Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flaring Reliability Program Update

Those new chemicals are in our air again; perhaps entering your home?

Smell Something Stinky ??

Fill Out an Odor Log and Call, Write or Visit Louisiana DEQ Online

Residents are still pursuing answers to why there is so much recurring flaring.
If you would like to help, please log your experiences with date, time, odor, smoke, noise, vibration, and flare observations and send to Louisiana DEQ or call 1-888-763-5424 or go to online services -- incident reports at

Monday, October 26, 2009

Revitalized Neighborhoods

as neighbors we revitalized our neighborhood, not only the structures but also the 'community'

subsequent to these efforts, parts of the neighborhood have been placed in a politically decided buyup. While the adjacent areas may soon be the new fenceline, subjected to even more emissions from yet another pending expansion ?

the balance shifts further towards industry, with the out-of-town corporation reaping all the profits, our local government enticed with the promise of a larger tax base and future donations, and the residents taking all the environmental and health burdens.

What we are asking -- at the very least -- is for our local officials to acknowledge, if not actively protect, our rights -- as we have the same rights as any other neighborhood -- and to especially protect our right to secure tenure. and in protecting everyone's right to return to live in the Gulf Coast Region, we help secure our own rights to remain.

this website link to photography work by Sam Kittner (below) focuses on the human effects of such adroit or artful maneuvers by hazardous industry(s).

Before the Bull-doze Revielletown, Louisiana
Project Description Buyout: The Breakup of Communities in the Shadow of Hazardous Industry

""business as usual without the press of local liability""--Kittner

Friday, October 23, 2009

a sincere and grateful greeting to our visitors who, from all walks of life and communities near and far, came to this neighborhood with prayers and inspirations for our future

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Katrina has made an environmentalist out of everybody." --- Monique Harden, New Orleans area human rights attorney
Oil Spill Respond by University of Michigan
Page 7

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"LDEQ also requested the status of excess VOC emission from Tank 200-7 (EQT042) as part of the Heavy Oils Tank Cap (GRP0007). These emissions are subject to compliance Order AE-CN-08-0122A. Originally, MOUSA self-report to LDEQ that VOC emissions from this tank were estimated at 558.8 @/hr, exceeding the Maximum Allowable Emission Rate of 1.15 #/hr (with corresponding annual emission exceedances in tons per year). The suspected exceedances were based on MOUSA's calculation of emissions based on No. 6-Oil flash point data and Reid Vapor Pressure determinations, whereas the permitted emissions were based on published AP-42 emissions factors. MOUSA also self-reported that the No. 6 fuel oil may have exceeded the 1.5 psia trigger for controls at Tank 200-7. This VOC emission rate would result in an exceedance of the Heavy Oil Tanks Cap for 2008 (513.8 tpy actual vs. 7.2 tpy permitted)."

Additional information BenFree Unit submitted to state agency

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Murphy Oil Meraux refinery
FCCU restart Oct 19 2009

Charter Change Presentation Tuesday

The Home Rule Charter Change Committee will make a presentation at Tuesday's Council Meeting, October 20, 2009 at 4PM in the Council Chambers, per Charter Committee Chairman Joey Di Fatta. The Home Rule Charter Change Committee will meet Monday October 19, 2009 4pm in Council Office Conference Room to discuss the presentation.

Home Rule Charter St Bernard Parish
The Charter was passed by 73% of the voters on November 8, 1988 and amended only four times since.

The St Bernard Parish Council will also consider a Resolution to adopt the FY 2010 Capital Outlay Budget at Tuesday's meeting.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

steam noise update

Friday October 16, 2009 around 8:15am continuous high pitch tone at excessive decibel levels for about an hour throughout the neighborhood west of the processing area. Readings in the high 80's in immediate area while seven blocks out the outdoor readings were in the high 70's and indoor readings around 65 db.

Murphy Oil reported a leak on the cat unit (the hydrocracker unit added in 2003) which was clamped and brought under control with no emergency situation . The use of steam, to knock down the hydrocarbon liquids, created the sound levels. Residents observed birds taking immediate flight and many pets displayed reaction to the disturbing noise.

Earlier last month refinery contractors returned to the neighborhood with noise sensors placed at about 3 foot levels among trees and fences in this same area. It was said that Murphy Oil is looking into installing a hurricane proof sound wall to abate their noise. No further details on site selection nor wall height were available; although, sound walls along Jefferson Parish Interstate tend to run at the 35 to 50 foot height, with placement in the existing commercial usage.

While noise abatement plans within side the processing campus are appreciated, it would seem near impossible to build at a height necessary to effect the frequent and disturbing steam-use noise sources . Friday's episode, while a short-duration necessity for safety, was near the top level of the leaking unit. Boilers and other steam sources for flaring events and regular plant processing usage are also located at taller heights.

Sensor equipment placed near bird feeders on Despaux Drive in early September 2009. Below, location of other monitors on Ventura, near Ohio Street.

Residents are concerned they will not be notified regarding further imposed neighborhood changes which may once again shift the balance towards industry. Already this past week has seen the clearing of trees north of the 20 arpent canal, presumably to prepare for the tank farm expansion just east of Jacob Drive. As indicated in the document, residents were not informed of the tank expansion location at the time of the June 19 2007 public hearing . Illustrations of the locations of the four new storage tanks were an inadvertent omission in the application package.

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