Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"LDEQ also requested the status of excess VOC emission from Tank 200-7 (EQT042) as part of the Heavy Oils Tank Cap (GRP0007). These emissions are subject to compliance Order AE-CN-08-0122A. Originally, MOUSA self-report to LDEQ that VOC emissions from this tank were estimated at 558.8 @/hr, exceeding the Maximum Allowable Emission Rate of 1.15 #/hr (with corresponding annual emission exceedances in tons per year). The suspected exceedances were based on MOUSA's calculation of emissions based on No. 6-Oil flash point data and Reid Vapor Pressure determinations, whereas the permitted emissions were based on published AP-42 emissions factors. MOUSA also self-reported that the No. 6 fuel oil may have exceeded the 1.5 psia trigger for controls at Tank 200-7. This VOC emission rate would result in an exceedance of the Heavy Oil Tanks Cap for 2008 (513.8 tpy actual vs. 7.2 tpy permitted)."

Additional information BenFree Unit submitted to state agency

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