Monday, October 26, 2009

Revitalized Neighborhoods

as neighbors we revitalized our neighborhood, not only the structures but also the 'community'

subsequent to these efforts, parts of the neighborhood have been placed in a politically decided buyup. While the adjacent areas may soon be the new fenceline, subjected to even more emissions from yet another pending expansion ?

the balance shifts further towards industry, with the out-of-town corporation reaping all the profits, our local government enticed with the promise of a larger tax base and future donations, and the residents taking all the environmental and health burdens.

What we are asking -- at the very least -- is for our local officials to acknowledge, if not actively protect, our rights -- as we have the same rights as any other neighborhood -- and to especially protect our right to secure tenure. and in protecting everyone's right to return to live in the Gulf Coast Region, we help secure our own rights to remain.

this website link to photography work by Sam Kittner (below) focuses on the human effects of such adroit or artful maneuvers by hazardous industry(s).

Before the Bull-doze Revielletown, Louisiana
Project Description Buyout: The Breakup of Communities in the Shadow of Hazardous Industry

""business as usual without the press of local liability""--Kittner

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