Friday, April 23, 2010

April Sweeps

As part of Rediscover District C's Sweep, CCAM is calling all block captains to photograph local neighborhood and compliance concerns and submit to Parish Administration. There is more information on the website .

Here's some from today's sweep.

We are also preparing for May's Rain Season and Hurricane Season by monitoring the municipal canals for any blockage of culverts. Jacob Canal at Judge Perez was all clear today, as was the municipal pipe at Jacob and the 20 arpent canal.

commercial use residential property

industrial use of residential property

culvert at Campagna and Ohio (above); culvert at Judge Perez and Jacob (below)
abandoned building below

open manhole and storm catch basins

storm catch basin clogged with parking lot gravel

if you look closely you'll see the return of the turtles and some fish in the 20 arpent canal, since December's oily discharge

Let's all do our part to be part of the Solution !!

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