Saturday, July 31, 2010

Worker Safety

Letter: Support needed for bill to protect workers

Working men and women should not be subjected to conditions that have become more hazardous due to management’s decisions that place profit over safety.....  When equipment fails at a facility and is not repaired, management uses a phrase they call “Risk Management.” This tells employees the company is willing to risk their lives and those in the surrounding community to maintain production and profit.

  ------    Robert B. Hollis --  The Port Arthur News
July 31, 2010

ConcoPhillips refinery incident injures 13
...... ConocoPhillips is investigating the incident. No other employees of the company were allowed to discuss the incident......Officials with the hospital said workers were treated for fractures, sprains, scrapes and other abrasions. None of the workers suffered life-threatening injuries.....
----  Joe Gamm  ------- Amarillo dot com
August 2, 2010

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