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where not to put a park

Time and again, we have seen the lengths the administration and council will go to satisfy the demands of the plants while hiding the truth from the people, who deserve to know what other plans they are hiding.                                               repost from 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

where not to put a park


where not to put a park

by sbcitizens, 09/17/13 6:46 PM

don't put a park in the oil spill area; its too close to the tank farm and contaminated air; that's why the air monitor is in that area, its bad air.

don't put a park next to the solid waste ditch and ponds; there is a required exclusion zone for solid waste areas up to 250 feet or 500 feet and that part of the oil spill property is where nothing is supposed to be.

don't put a park where special interests groups are forcing the park on others.

don't put a park where the streets are going to be removed or where the street lights are not maintained.

put a new park where kids and old people and family and neighbors will be safe and protected, where people live close enough to just walk to the park and not have to drive. put a new park where the people who live in that area want one.

can we even afford another park? don't think we would even be talking about another park until all the previous neighborhood and recreational parks are renovated. so, why are parish employees advocating for a park in the oil spill green belt? are they advocating for the oil company? if you receive a survey for where the next park ought to go, think about what that park is supposed to be and why certain parties would push to spend limited resources on something we don't need, don't want, and would be liable for anyway.

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