Friday, July 20, 2012

rain event

WWL TV Slideshow of rain event in New Orleans today, July 20, 2012.

Today, Louisiana DEQ posted notice of enforcement action in EDMS document 8459340; unfortunately it does not include the June 2009 flooding event (around the 4:14 minute mark).

Also, posted just today in Louisiana DEQ's electronic database, EDMS document numbered 8459354 dated 6/25/2012   :  a memo to file for no further action for the June 8 2009 refinery flooding our neighborhood {around the 4:14 minute mark} with a note .....  "there was no information that there were any signs of the discharge at the site, no visual confirmation of the discharge, no statement obtained from the Respondent that the incident occurred, or any other information that the discharge occurred."

This is more than disappointing to the residents who not only contacted DEQ about this flooding but also provided video and photo confirmation of the discharge.  It is not the residents fault that DEQ didnot inspect the area until November 2010, or that the Respondent did not report the incident.  Residents also provided this information again to DEQ for the water permit renewal meeting and as comments to DEQ's settlement on water permit violations.   The last time this type of flooding from the refinery was observed by residents was on July 18, 2011 and it was reported to the community by Murphy Oil in the monthly community meeting. 

Unfortunately, DEQ does not accept reports, video or photographs from residents as confirmation.  

VIDEO of June 2009 flooding:   at the 4:14  minute mark

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