Sunday, July 1, 2012

June air quality St. Bernard Parish

The  Air Quality Report for June 2012  in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana according to the community's three air monitors:  :

30 days of hydrogen sulfide over EPA's recommended daily exposure level of 1.4 ppb hydrogen sulfide

12 days of sulfur dioxide at or above 12 ppb SO2 which LDEQ has said is the level which triggers headaches and other adverse quality of life

4 days of sulfur dioxide exceeding the one-hour health standard of 75 ppb SO2 with the three highest one-hour readings @ 164.4 ppb SO2, 117.6 ppb SO2, and 91.0 ppb SO2.

3 days of particulate matter PM2.5 above the national ambient air standard of 35 ug/m3

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