Thursday, April 5, 2012

First Quarter Sulfur Dioxide Exceedance Recap 2012

Some of the higher Sulfur Dioxide Readings in St. Bernard Parish 2012, based the three ambient air monitors in the community.


Jan 1st 107 ppb SO2,

Jan 4th 166 ppb SO2,

Jan 8th 78 ppb SO2,

Jan 12th 193 ppb SO2,

Jan 16th 100 ppb SO2,

Jan 17th 206 ppb SO2,

Jan 19th 97 ppb SO2,

Jan 20th 178 ppb SO2,

Jan 22nd 239 ppb SO2,


Feb 4th 211 ppb,

Feb 14th 82 ppb,

Feb 17th 139 ppb,


Mar 1st 100 ppb SO2,

Mar 8th 131 ppb SO2,

Mar 12th 99 ppb SO2,

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