Friday, April 6, 2012

Particulate Matter Days

Unfortunately, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana has already been designated non-attainment for the EPA one - hour health standard for Sulfur Dioxide.  For over a dozen days already in 2012, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana has experienced adverse health effects when the sulfur dioxide levels in residential neighborhoods have exceeded the one-hour health standard of 75 ppb. Some of the highest readings in 2012 are over 200 ppb, based on the three ambient air monitors in the community. .

Particulate Matter is also a health concern.  See how St. Bernard Parish ranks in the County Health Rankings for Particulate Matter    © 2012 County Health Rankings.

Click here for County Health Rankings for Particulate Matter

What is it

The air pollution—particulate matter measure represents the annual number of days that air quality was unhealthy for sensitive populations due to fine particulate matter (FPM < 2.5 µm in diameter).

Reason for ranking

The relationship between elevated air pollution—particularly fine particulate matter and ozone—and compromised health has been well documented. The negative consequences of ambient air pollution include decreased lung function, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and other adverse pulmonary effects.

See How St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana Ranked for Health  Here

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