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air emissions

EDMS 45084199 Dated 12/30/2009 Incident T120404 #2 SRU Malfunction on 12/23/2009
automatic safety shutdown reported as result of apparent malfunction in the SRU main burner - 2.6 hours event estimated emissions 3,090 pounds SO2

EDMS 44922598 Dated 12/16/2009 Incident T119999 #2 SRU Malfunction on December 9 2009
automatic safety shutdown reported as result of apparent malfunction in the SRU main burner flame detectors - 6.5 hours and resulted in SO2 emissions estimated at 10,800 pounds

EDMS 45084186 Dated 12/29/2009 Incident T120412 Dec 24 2009 300 barrel crude oil spill at Tank 250-1
on December 24 2009 at approximately 00:30 hours. Estimated spill 300 bbl; release to air 9.3 bbl; release to ground 50.7 bbl....conducted air monitoring....and detected no VOC and benzene levels. There was no impact to waterways.

EDMS 44926543 dated 12/21/2009 Incident T120104 Dec 14 2009 storage tank cover collapsed
31,274 pounds of VOC's and 616 pounds of benzeneOn December 14 2009 there was a release of 10,967 barrels of gasoline to the roof of Tank 200-1( state hazmat Dec 14 2009 storage tank roof collapsed. ) For approximately 2.8 hours until the tank was pumped down to its lowest level, initial estimated emissions are 31,274 pounds of VOC's and 616 pounds of benzene.

EDMS 44922633 Dated 12/18/2009 T120127 December 13 2009 diesel oil release into neighborhood canal.
No quantity of diesel released nor benzene or VOC emissions reported. On December 11 2009 Murphy was forced to open Outfall 003 due to prolonged rains. also reports on December 13 2009 Murphy Oil made a discovery of oil in a neighborhood canal. Murphy Oil discovered a release of diesel-like oily water on the 20 arpent canal, reported by Murphy Oil as ""presumably from Outfall 003"".The refinery storm water outfalls on page two of the flowchart indicates emergency outfall 003 due east of the Collin's Pipeline area. Collin's Pipeline is a joint venture of EXXON-Houston and Murphy Oil Meraux. To the west of Collin's Pipeline area is the municipal storm drainage pipe which released the diesel oil into the neighborhood canal, named 20 arpent canal, where it intersects Jacob Drive. It is unclear at this time how the diesel oil entered the municipal storm water system. There is no quantity of diesel released nor benzene or VOC emissions reported.
Residents have requested water, soil and air sample results from Louisiana Dept of Environmental Quality. It is unclear if any samples were taken by the state department.During the same time Murphy Oil Tank 250-2 was scheduled for a cleanout with use of a temporary, portable diesel fuel tank EDMS 44548567.

EDMS 43986164 Dated 10/26/2009 Incident T118824 Oct 19 2009 crude oil spill tank 250-1
130 barrel crude oil spill Tank 250-1 on Oct 19 2009 released to air 12/4 bbl; released to ground 11.6 bbl; estimated emissions 3.91 benzene; 3907 pounds VOC's (Residents called both Murphy Oil and LDEQ to come to the neighborhood about high level of chemical's present; both refused. Murphy reports their subcontractors were monitoring the air).

EDMS 44138747 dated 11/13/2009 Incident T119342 Oct 14 2009 FCCU leak (Late Report - also Benzene emissions rescinded EDMS 44922731 Dated 12/10/2009)
Cat Craker Unit leak releases 44,000 pounds hydrocarbons with 155 pounds benzene from Oct 14 - 17 2009 --- leak at upper manway in #2 FCCU Reactor (Cat Cracker or Hydrocracker) --Application of steam to disperse the vapors. First attempt to repair the leak failed on Oct 15 2009 and leak apparently worsened. Specialty group arrived Oct 16 2009 to measure the manway and access the leak. On Oct 17 2009, as Murphy awaited that repair, the leak worsened, so Murphy shut down the FCCU as a safety precaution. The vendor installed the clamp on Oct 18 2009. The leak was estimated to have lasted 74.5 hours from approximately 09:00 hrs on Oct 14 2009 to 11:300 hrs on Oct 17 2009 when the unit was shut down.Estimated hydrocarbon emissions 44,000 pounds with 155 pounds of benzene. Murphy Oil rescinded notification of benzene release Dec 10 2009. Murphy reported to the National Response Center that this event resulted in the release of benzene in excess of the 10 pounds reportable quantity. Murphy Oil provides Dec 10 2009 update to rescind benzene release notification citing CERCLA 101(14) for exemption from reporting benzene emissions.

EDMS 43622670 Dated 10/05/2009 Incident T118251 #2 TGT Bypbass 09'/27/2009
automatic safety shutdown of #2 SRU apparently due to hydrocarbon breakthrough into the unit. Event 4.2 hours; SO2 emissions estimated at 159 pounds - below reportable.

EDMS 42595515 dated 7/30/2009 T -- SERO 09-04035 July 26 2009 NAPHTHA spill into Mississippi River when there was a malfunction of the unloading hose at approximately 23:30 hours

EDMS 42478747 dated 7/20/2009 T116405 July 13 2009 approximately 10:45 hours maintenance activity on Vacuum Heater - Vacuum Hot Well off-gas routed to flare; estimated SO2 emissions 2,015.5 pounds over 23:40 hours

EDMS 42274096 dated 7/02/2009 T116011 release of Freon CFC R-22 for about 0.5 hours

EDMS 42133553 dated 6/01/2009 T115235 Hydrocracker shutdown May 24 2009 EDMS 42728461 dated 07/31/2009 ; automatic safety shutdown of Hydrocracker Unit triggered by unexpected and sudden shutdown recycle gas compressor; compresor trip found a malfunction occurred during automated switching between logic controller cards. ;resulting SO2 estimated emissions 4,000 pounds in 30 minutes from 4:00 hours to 4:30 hours; the vented material was mostly hydrogen and the release occurred at night; would not be expected to cause adverse offsite impact.

EDMS 40802838 dated 3/23/2009 T112823 Hydrocracker shutdown February 18 2009; EDMS 41177485 dated 4/28/2009 ; automatic safety shutdown of hydrocracker unit triggered by the unexpected and sudden shutdown of recycle gas compressor; compressor trip found that logic controller card malfunctioned due to manufacturer defect; 4,000 pounds SO2 emissions over 30 minutes

EDMS 41161349 dated 4/28/2009 T114001 #2 FCCU reversal on Feb 25 2009, resulting in reportable quantity release of MSDS solids and heavy hydrocarbon vapors; estimated emissions within 30 minutes 35,000 pounds heavy hydrocarbon vapors, 5,165 ounds catalyst, 1,750 pounds particulates

EDMS 39500086 dated 1/22/2009 T110526 Hydrocracker and #3 SRU Startup Oct 31 2008 - Nov 4 2008 Resulted in emissions of sulfur dioxide estimated at 14,983 pounds over 29.5 hours during the five day time frame. Murphy reported the level of resulting emissions would not be expected to cause an adverse offsite impact.

EDMS 39896674 dated 1/16/2009 T112011 # 3 SRU incinerator flameout Jan 13 2009 Brief flameout of the main burner on #3 SRU Incinerator; estimated resulting emissions at 215 pounds of SO2 and 15 pounds of H2S - non RQ

EDMS 39896700 dated 1/16/2009 T111906 Refinery Power Interruption Jan 9 2009;The power interruption lasted less than one second, but triggered safety shutdowns in several units resulting in SO2 estimated esmmions at 235 pounds as well as visible emissions."The power interruption is under investigation. Unplanned shutdowns of units in this manner are undesirable to the refinery, so Murphy is determined to identify and correct the root cause.

EDMS 39500110 dated 1/14/2009 T109794 # 2 FCCU wet gas compressor malfunction Oct 3 2008 ; SO2 emission 1,575 pounds

EDMS 40849944 dated 4/03/2009 T113643 #2 FCCU Wet gas compressor trip March 24 2009 ; apparent result of mafuncition in boiler, triggering steam imbalance and shutting down the steam turbine powering the wet gas compressor; no reportable quantities (RQ) ; no allegations of impact in the surrounding community, just one citizen call inquiring.

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