Saturday, December 12, 2009

Permit Modifications and Objections

In August 2009, on behalf of Concerned Citizens, Tulane Environmental Law Clinic submitted comments to LA DEQ asserting Murphy Oil's SO2 emissions calculations incorrect . If the SO2 and VOC emissions were appropriately calculated, "the proposed modifications to Murphy Oil USA Inc's Title V air permit will result in emission increases above thresholds for 'Prevention of Significant Deterioration 'and will therefore require additional controls to protect public health and welfare."

In October 2009, LA DEQ issued the final permit modification and on December 10, 2009, students at Tulane University's Environmental Law Clinic sent, on behalf of CCAM, a formal Petition to EPA Administrator to Object Permit .

Murphy Oil's permit modification is to construct and operate a BenFree Unit to adhere to a new EPA mandate for lower benzene in gasoline products. Concerned Citizens believe clean fuel shouldn't cost air quality .

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