Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dept of Environmental Quality Presentation

Tuesday Jan 12 2010 10 AM -

Council Conference Room

8201 West Judge Perez Drive, Chalmette

CCAM will host a Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Presentation on the St Bernard Parish Ambient Air Montoring Systems through DEQ's Community Outreach's EnvironSchool.

Read the LA DEQ 2009 Report - St Bernard Air Monitoring Project and the departments recommendations to shutdown some of the monitors.

The primary purpose of this project was to investigate what caused odors, if odor causing compounds are air toxic and if their concentrations in the ambient air in the Chalmette area are in compliance with the sate and federal ambient air quality standards. In addition, the DEQ was fully to use its facilities to monitor for ozone and fine particulate matter PM2.5 and investigate other compounds such as benzene and 1,3-butadiene that cause no odors at lowered concentrations but are of great health concern for long time exposure even in lower concentrations.

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