Friday, January 8, 2010

water samples ? air emissions ?

April showers bring May flowers, yet
December rain brings oil
Unknown VOC and Benzene Emissions

On December 11 2009 Murphy was forced to open Outfall 003 due to prolonged rains. EDMS 44922633 Dec 13 2009 Oil also reports on December 13 2009 Murphy Oil made a discovery of oil in a neighborhood canal. Murphy Oil discovered a release of diesel-like oily water on the 20 arpent canal, reported by Murphy Oil as ""presumably from Outfall 003"".

The refinery storm water outfalls on page two of the flowchart indicates emergency outfall 003 due east of the Collin's Pipeline area. Collin's Pipeline is a joint venture of EXXON-Houston and Murphy Oil Meraux. To the west of Collin's Pipeline area is the municipal storm drainage pipe which released the diesel oil into the neighborhood canal, named 20 arpent canal, where it intersects Jacob Drive. It is unclear at this time how the diesel oil entered the municipal storm water system. There is no quantity of diesel released nor benzene or VOC emissions reported.
Residents have requested water, soil and air sample results from Louisiana Dept of Environmental Quality. It is unclear if any samples were taken by the state department.

During the same time Murphy Oil Tank 250-2 was scheduled for a cleanout with use of a temporary, portable diesel fuel tank EDMS 44548567.
31,274 pounds of VOC's and 616 pounds of benzene

On December 14 2009 there was a release of 10,967 barrels of gasoline to the roof of Tank 200-1 as reported EDMS 44926543 and to state hazmat Dec 14 2009 storage tank roof collapsed. For approximately 2.8 hours until the tank was pumped down to its lowest level, initial estimated emissions are 31,274 pounds of VOC's and 616 pounds of benzene.

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