Saturday, January 9, 2010

Murphy Oil air emissions update

10,800 pounds SO2
December 9 2009 3:30 to 10:00 automatic safety shutdown of the #2 SRU...result of an apparent malfunction in the SRU main burner flame detectors...root cause is under investigation at this time...Event lasted 6.5 hours and resulted in SO2 emissions estimated at 10,800 pounds. The wind was from the WSW at 10-15 mph. EDMS 44922598 incident T119999

3,090 pounds SO2
December 23 2009 automatic safety shutdown of the #2 SRU.....result of an apparent malfunction in the SRU main burner.....under investigation.....Event lasted 2.6 hours and resulted in SO2 emissions estimated at 3,090 pounds. EDMS 45084199 T120404 12/30/2009
300 Barrel Crude Oil Spill
Murphy Oil Christmas Eve 300 barrel crude oil spill Tank 250-1
Estimated spill 300 bbl; relase to air 9.3 bbl; release to ground 50.7 bbl.... -- Conducted air monitoring.....and detected no VOC and Benzene levels; no impact to waterways.

44,000 pounds hydrocarbons with 155 pounds benzene
Oct 14 - 17 2009 leak at upper manway in #2 FCCU Reactor - . Application of steam to disperse the vapors. First attempt to repair the leak failed on Oct 15 2009 and leak apparently worsened. Specialty group arrived Oct 16 2009 to measure the manway and asses the leak. On Oct 17 2009, as Murphy awaited that repair, the leak worsened, so Murphy shut down the FCCU as a safety precaution. The vendor installed the clamp on Oct 18 2009. The leak was estimated to have lasted 74.5 hours from approximately 09:00 hrs on Oct 14 2009 to 11:300 hrs on Oct 17 2009 when the unit was shut down.Estimated hydrocarbon emissions 44,000 pounds with 155 pounds of benzene. EDMS 44138747 Incident T119342 Murphy Oil rescinded notification of benzene release EDMS 44922731 Dec 10 2009 Murphy reported to the National Response Center that this event resulted in the release of benzene in excess of the 10 pounds reportable quantity. Murphy Oil provides Dec 10 2009 update to rescind benzene release notification citing CERCLA 101(14) for exemption from reporting benzene emissions.
naphtha vapors and crude oil spill
Jan 5 2010 naphtha vapors
naphtha vapors venting during shutdown of Hydrocracker Unit to South Flare; 18 minute event on Jan 5 2010, with estimated SO2 emissions at 12 pounds (under 500 pound RQ). . no other chemical releases reported wind from NW at 10 - 15 mph. residents reported lots of discharge from boiler stack and a sour smell on St Bernard Hwy which entered vehicles when driving through the facility on St Bernard Hwy
Jan 6 2010 crude oil spill Tank 250-1
Murphy Oil crude oil spill Tank 250-1 Jan 6 2010 three barrel crude spill ; release to air .140 bbl;The skimming tank was no longer level (due to settling after a month of heavy rains), resulting in the high liquid level sensor being out of position. As as Jan 13 2010 the cleanup of the spilled material was on-going. While Murphy Oil reports no injuries and no impact to waterways, it is unclear how storm water runoff from this tank system effects the neighborhood canal and nearby wetlands

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