Sunday, May 20, 2012

elevated hydrogen sulfide levels

Hydrogen Sulfide Levels in St Bernard Parish this morning


2am Meraux 8 ppb H2S
3am Meraux 5 ppb H2S
4am Meraux 6 ppb H2S
5am Meraux 4 ppb H2S
Ch_Vista 8 ppb H2S





These readings are from the three air monitors in the community.    The Meraux air monitor is at Joe Davies elementary school; the Ch_Vista monitor is at BlueBird Park.  The Ventura Drive monitor is in Floral Estates.   The Ventura Drive monitor readings are available after a 24-hour quality check.

. For Hydrogen Sulfide, EPA infers a recommended daily exposure to H2S without risk to be 1.4 ppb H2S. The World Health Organization advises ambient concentration levels of hydrogen sulfide should not exceed 5 ppb  H2Swith a 30 minute averaging time. Times shown below are hourly.

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