Friday, October 1, 2010

Murphy Oil Crude Oil spill contamination lingers

contaminated soil and ground water at former St Mark's Church and School site

lingering crude oil contamination 5 years after Murphy Oil crude oil spill

(I personally hope the school board does more extensive testing).

Recent soil and ground water testing results at former St. Mark's Church and School Site, where St. Bernard Parish School Board is planning another elementary school.

----levels exceeded RECAP screening standards for non-industrial land use for TPH-DRO, TPH-ORO and three PAH compounds: Benzo(a)anthracene, Benzo(b)flouranthene, and Benzo(a)pyrene

---the RECAP screening standard protective for groundwater was exceeded for the PAH compund 2-methylnaphthalene


sample results
Incident 125885

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