Saturday, October 30, 2010

bunk house buffer

A few more homeowners have opted to sell to the Murphy refinery pursuant Turner v Murphy Order and Reasons along with the understanding from the  Fairness Hearing  

According to the parish attorney, in earlier council meetings, the Murphy refinery's agreement with our community is to clear the land for greenspace.  But, he also said they would leave the street lights because not everyone will sell and some will remain in the neighborhood. 

Now, the Murphy refinery proposes to use some of these homes for workers who will be required to "check-in to a bunk house" when their work shift runs over time and the commute home does not allow enough time for the much needed rest before the next day's shift. 

We know the Historic Arabi neighborhood requires special zoning and a license to operate either a bed and breakfast or a lodging house.  Residents wonder if our local code will be enforced and if local officials will take initiative to help us preserve the integrity of our residential neighborhood and protect our property values.

Even before Hurricane Katrina, the residents were subjected to transient refinery workers who parked in the neighborhood, trespassed, stole, and even jumped the canal to gain entry into the Murphy Meraux plant.  After Katrina, some Murphy refinery workers were arrested in the neighborhood for trespassing, stealing and carrying guns.

Murphy Oil has also proposed to sell some of the buffer lots to a local seafood restaurant for commercial expansion. In July 2010 Murphy Oil announced its intentions to exit the refinery business and the refinery manager indicated the buffer lots, administration building, tank farms and terminal would be sold as one unit, along with the refinery campus.

The Murphy Oil refinery has taken to boarding up the blighted houses, presumably before demolition.

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