Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Air Bus Visit

The LDEQ conducting mobile air monitoring around the Murphy Oil facility with its mobile air monitoring laboratory (MAML).  The air monitoring occured during a time when the Meraux facility was operating at reduced rates. Citizen's Report during air bus visit. 

 According to LDEQ's report, the wind direction with respect to the MAML’s location was opposite from the required direction.

Although residents have been concerned with the emissions during flaring events, the MAML’s focus was on the waste water treatment plant and conducted during a time of no flaring and no odors. There is no verification from LDEQ regarding whether or not the WWTP was operational on the test dates nor is there information regarding the biosolids sludge press operations.

The MAML had a power failure which hampered data collection and thwarted the VOC post sampling calibration. VOCs are volatile organic compounds and have no colour, smell, or taste. VOCs include a very wide range of individual substances, such as hydrocarbons, including benzen and toluene.

None the less, the highest level of H2S was 4.2 ppb or 0.0042 ppm.

Remember, 10 ppb = 0.01 ppm


“EPA set the safe exposure level at 0.00014 ppm to protect sensitive people such as children and the elderly.”

Hopefully the air bus will return on a day where the refinery is flaring and the residents are sick from the offsite effects.

Air Bus Sample Results

There is reason to believe the refinery was not operating at capacity due to a catalyst changeout. August 2, 2010 was an unusually quiet, good air day

Citizen's Report during and after Air Bus visit.

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