Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is home. Where else would we go ?

Looking back, our neighborhoods around the Meraux plant area recall how very fortunate we are to live by the Mississippi River, on some of the highest elevation in the Parish.

While other neighborhoods were still drying out or waiting for slab houses and boats to be cleared from the roadways, we had utilities and easy access, so to rebuild and repopulate in Fall 2005.

Now, in Spring 2010, that so much progress has been made in the harder hit neighborhoods of St Bernard Parish, we are so proud to have been that glimmer of hope for all others in our parish: to have provided those pockets of revitialized community.

And now others too join us and know the difference :
To not only say we will rebuild, but to actually rebuild and remain.

The neighborhood where I live is a close neighborhood. You don't find those kinds of neighborhoods anymore.

The challenge now is that no one in this blue-collar community of fishermen and refinery workers has any bread to spare. Even in a part of the country known for keeping kinfolk close, St. Bernard stands out, the way extended families stay together. That's something locals like about the place

Having met that challenge, we are moving forward.

We celebrate St Bernard Neighborhoods in 2010 and continue to encourage all those who wish to return or to visit.

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