Saturday, March 6, 2010

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"...the cumulative effect of the pollution is too dangerous not to take actions." "We have to be realistic that you can reach a saturation point in certain neighborhoods,".....

As in Southwest Detroit, St Bernard Parish's State Air monitoring sites in and near the Chalmette Vista neighborhoods show some of the highest, if not the highest, levels for PM 2.5 and SO2; criteria pollutants linked to health problems.

known as CH_VISTA Site on DEQs website under site data at this link

Although the monitors sometimes have technical difficulties, such as the PM 2.5 readings in late February, on Feb 25 2010 the CH_VISTA air monitor showed the type of unacceptable spikes in SO2 which occur in community.

This type of short-term exposure to sulfur dioxide undermines our health, and that of our children. EPA proposed SO2 standard changes in 2009 and is expected to issue the new one hour standard in June 2010. ""Exposure to SO2 can aggravate asthma, cause respiratory difficulties, and result in emergency room visits and hospitalization. People with asthma, children, and the elderly are especially vulnerable to SO2’s effects.""

The PM 2.5 readings from St Bernard Parish are not currently included in the New Orleans Area's Air Quality Index, at same link. Truck traffic and coker units, along with barges and other shipping on the river, contribute to this situation.

""EPA strengthened the air quality standards for particle pollution in 2006. Learn more about the 2006 fine particle standards. ""

""The 2006 standards tighten the 24-hour fine particle standard from 65 micrograms per cubic meter (µg/m3) to 35 µg/m3, and retain the current annual fine particle standard at 15 µg/m3.""

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