Wednesday, March 10, 2010

there goes the neighborhood

RE: Docket 5 - 10 Murphy Oil petition for zoning change

This zoning change is contrary to the Petition and Vision of our neighborhood presented in August 2008; contrary to the land use plan (the Waggoner and Ball Plan) adopted by the Council in 2006; it is spot zoning or piecemealing of a master land use plan without the appropriate thoughtful deliberations and public input opportunities; it does nothing to create and preserve a truly protective green zone buffer and shifts the balance towards industry; that shift towards industry undermines our health and safety and does nothing to address the heavy truck traffic on Despaux Drive.

The Council passed resolution not to allow ANY zoning changes by Murphy Oil until Murphy revealed their master plan for the plant and the residential lots. That has failed to occur. The residents of these neighborhoods around Murphy have presented their plan and our elected officials need to support their constituents.

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