Friday, May 27, 2016

Title V Petitions Process Improvement Rulemaking

EPA is expected to conduct a Rulemaking Webinar in June for EPA Rulemaking for Title V Petitions

""This proposal is expected to identify potential requirements for and provide guidance on the substance and format of title V petitions submitted to the Agency as well as requirements for the electronic submittal of title V petitions by the specific method identified in the rule. The proposal is also expected to discuss other elements around the Agency's review of petitions. The proposal is expected to be consistent with the Digital Government Strategy issued by the White House in 2012 that calls for the EPA to take advantage of new technology and improve transparency for our stakeholders, and to support E-enterprise, a U.S. EPA-state initiative to improve environmental performance and enhance services to the regulated community, environmental agencies, and the public. Furthermore, this rule is expected to be responsive to certain title V Task Force recommendations.""


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