Monday, May 23, 2016

inequitable developments

if we change the future land use map of our neighborhood, then what St Bernard Parish Government is saying is that all these commercial buildings could go into the neighborhood, and that is a step backwards

while the rest of the United States is making great strides towards environmental justice, here comes Valero Energy and a political narrative that says our neighborhood will be improved with a larger refinery footprint, even closer to houses, because their workers make a lot of money and the company pays its taxes

they want the residents to suffer the health and safety burden so Valero can  make  more money
its not moral, but its also not uncommon in a Valero community

“Valero does plan to build a new Security Building,  Warehouse, Maintenance Bays, Maintenance Offices, Safety Offices, Nurses Station, and Fire Station within the existing footprint of the Refinery in the future, when funding is available”   Valero would spend over $20 million on these buildings

Valero could be a good neighbor and construct the Administration Building within the existing footprint of the refinery. or better yet, Valero could spend the money on investments in better control technology

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