Wednesday, April 13, 2016

ground water concerns

Valero Energy Meraux refinery ground water contamination concerns in a former solid waste unit and also in near by utility service boxes.

Valero's former solid waste unit was an in-ground unit; since closed, continued monitoring for ground water contamination is performed semiannually. 

February 2016 monitoring detected indicator parameters of concern; with results believed to be anomalous due to error in laboratory analysis; therefore, verification re-sampling conducted.
LDEQ EDMS 101279379
Results showed detections of phenol at 0.0076 milligrams per liter and total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) aromatics > C16-C21 at 0.161 mg/l.  The practical quantitation limits for phenol and TPH aromatics >C16-C21 are 0.001 mg/l and 0.15 mg/l, respectively.

In another area of the Valero Energy Meraux, Louisiana plant, recurring seepage of oil into an ATT service box has prompted investigation to identify the source and potential areas of concern for ground water contamination.  Valero Energy seeks appropriate permits and letters of no objection for soil boring --  20 (twenty) 10-foot deep soil borings to be drilled near the Mississippi River Levee. LDEQ EDMS 1014407 and 10088035

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