Thursday, April 28, 2016

Future of neighborhood pubic hearing

Public Hearing Tuesday May 24 2016  on the Future land use of our neighborhood

The Planning Commission tabled the proposed amendment on the Future land use of our neighborhood until the next public hearing Tuesday May 24 2016 at 4pm in Council chambers

The Future of our neighborhood should be decided by the residents who are impacted the most.

The applicant owns ample land which is appropriately zoned and suitable for the proposed use.
There is no need for this site selection; it causes more safety and quality of life issues than it solves and provides no benefits to the homeowners.

The planning commission used the term "Recreation" for areas along canals to stop development and help with drainage.  They also decided to use this "Recreation" land use designation for the Valero Energy buffer zone to lower residential, commercial, and industrial future development. The Comprehensive Plan adopted the definition of buffer zone as a landscaped area.  And, Valero Energy planted a row of trees to comply. 

For the Valero buffer zone:  Recreation land use adjacent to the Valero Refinery in order to lower the amount of development – including residential, commercial and /or industrial- that may occur there in the future.

Now Valero seeks changes which are very disruptive to an entire neighborhood. This is a pedestrian friendly neighborhood with all residents from the high school to the plant and our mobile home and trailer parks along the river using our neighborhood as pedestrians.  Yet, some propose adding commercial-industrial related traffic to an area they removed the sidewalks from. It's the epitome of poor planning where our children and residents are no longer a priority.

The item was rain canceled in February and tabled in March, to allow Valero to provide more information to the residents.  That meeting has not been scheduled.  The April meeting tabled the item upon the applicant's request, "they requested more time to get everything they need".

Now, the public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday May 24 2016 at 4pm in council chambers


Link to St Bernard Parish land use and comprehensive plan


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