Sunday, February 21, 2016

which direction are we going in St Bernard ?

PUBLIC HEARING TUESDAY 4pm Proposal to change land use to Commercial
Friday a sign was placed near Ohio Street

 "The land use designation [change to commercial] is to accommodate adjacent Valero Refining expansion."

Thomas Friedman The first law of Petropolitics


The first law of Petropolitics :  the price of oil and the pace of freedom always move in opposite directions

“. …the higher the oil prices rise, the more free speech, free press, free and fair elections, an independent judiciary, the rule of law, and independent political parties are eroded… the higher the price goes, the less petrolist leaders are sensitive to what the world thinks or says about them …the lower the price of oil the more petrolist countries are forced to more toward a political system and society that is more transparent, more sensitive to opposition voices, and more focused on building the legal and educational structures that will maximize their people’s ability…. “

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