Thursday, February 25, 2016

oil in AT&T box along St Bernard Highway

Historical groundwater contamination may be cause of seepage of oil into AT&T utility box.

March 25, 2015, January 13, 2016, and January 27, 2016 incidents under investigation, due to potential impact to groundwater.  No indications it is associated with current or historic refining operations.

Earlier observations were believed to be residual surface runoff from an October 2013 crude oil release.  

It was only on January 27 2016 when seepage was described by AT&T personnel inside the box, that Valero determined that this may, instead, be the result of historic groundwater contamination.

On January 27 2016, AT&T personnel arrived outside the Valero fence-line to conduct maintenance activities inside a concrete service box located along St. Bernard Highway.  After noticing an oily sheen and standing water in the box, AT&T personnel coordinated with Valero to pump down and enter the box.      Incidents remain under investigation.

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