Friday, December 18, 2015

fenceline monitoring

"If we’re going to give industry permits to release these emissions, then our goal is to have all of their emissions monitored. Whatever they’re permitted to release, we want it to be monitored, that’s our goal. I’m excited and optimistic about the new ruling. But this is not over by any means.” ------    Statement from Martha Huckabay, Vice President of St. Rose Community One Voice, regarding the EPA's new Refinery Rule

EPA's new Refinery Rule requires "fenceline monitoring" for some but not all emissions.  Benzene, a known carcinogen, will be monitored "at the fenceline" but where is the fenceline?

Let's keep the refinery fenceline where it has been for decades ---  way on the other side of the makeshift parking lot, and not in our residential neighborhoods.  When benzene levels measure an "actionable" level then the plants will be required to invest in technology controls to reduce benzene emissions. Allowing the fenceline to move away from the fenceline and into our neighborhoods could allow the plants to record lower benzene levels than actually emitted.

We have enough issues with the makeshift parking lot and fenceline; let's not add more benzene when new refinery rules were require less

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