Friday, July 12, 2013

good fences and beautification

In April 2013 ExxonMobil was notified of certain code violations at the pipeline property which abuts a residential neighborhood.  ExxonMobil allows Valero Energy to park on top the crude oil and hydrogen pipelines. According to information  from a public records request, the parties agreed to submit a site plan for compliance by end of June 2013;  the site plan has never been received. 

Residents await the Administration's support to preserve the integrity of the neighborhood; an easy, inexpensive solution  was suggested in 2009 and the children's and grandchildren's safety is too important to ignore.

  there is no landscaped buffer or fence between the parking area, the parking area was paved without meeting necessary application requirements, and there appears to be a building located less than 100 feet from the property line...... 

Local Zoning Code Chapter 22-4-3.1 (4) Along the lot lines of the parking area abutting on the residential district there shall be established and maintained a landscaped area having a minimum width of four (4) feet which shall be maintained in a healthy growing condition. A privacy fence which screens the parking lot from the public view shall be erected and be no less than six (6) feet nor more than seven (7) feet in height. Lighting facilities when provided shall be so designed that light is reflected away from residential properties.  

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