Thursday, May 28, 2015

for better or worse

 May 2015 Reformer unit unexpected shutdown, followed by Hydrocracker process gas flaring due to power outage, flaring at north flare

Feb 15 2015 R O S E Unit fire evacuated workers

Feb 25 gas unit had to vent to flare

Feb 12 gas unit had to vent to flare

Feb 10 gas unit had to vent to flare

Jan 9 gas unit had to vent to flare

Jan 15 2015 emergency incident amine unit

Dec 16 2014  fuel odor

Nov 28 2014 hydrocracker project startup

Nov 14 2014 flare on fire

Oct 17 2014 smoke at flares

Oct 13 2014 Fire Dept received numerous complaints of odors

Sept 8 2014 diesel odor in air

Sept 3 2014 flaring and vibrations

August 31 2014 Sheriff Dept asking about smoke from flare

Aug 31 2014 billowing smoke from flare

Aug 30 2014 flaring

Aug 28 – 29 same nasty odor in neighborhood

Aug 28 – 29  a worker’s personal hydrogen sulfide detector alarm was set off

Aug 27 flaring

Aug 27 hydrogen sulfide odor

Aug 26 sitting on the flare more frequently, odor and noise

Aug 26 - Aug 28 EPA Risk Management Inspection Report with one dozen areas of concern

Aug 16 2014 sulfur dioxide at flare

Aug 15 2014 odor in air assumption that it is Hydrogen sulfide

Aug 3 odors again, cannot be outside, headache, sinus and coughing

Aug 2 nose bleeds

Aug 1 lots of flaring

July 29 -31 sounds like an airport

July 29 flaring for extended period of time

June 25 oil sheen in river

June 2 flaring, black smoke, odors and vibration

June 2 alky unit sent to flare, event lasted until June 3

April 24 very strong chemical smell, unexpected shutdown of benzene unit

April 21 boom heard, flaring at high velocity

April 21 rumbling from flare, associated odors

April 20 unexpected shutdown SRU

April 12 putrid, nauseating odor

April 2 hydrogen sulfide odors

Feb 23 2014 flammable gas emissions at flare

Feb 10 2014 SRU shutdown

Feb 7 sulfur dioxide at flare

Feb 7 SRU shutdown

Feb 2 sour garbage natural gas odor, nauseated, coughing, loud noise, burnt smell, getting worse

Feb 1 strong sulfur odor, getting worse, not able to have outside ventilation, two weeks prior the odor infiltrated home

Jan 18 no windows opened in house last three days and can still smell chemicals in air. Air quality is terrible

Jan 8  2014 flaring with obnoxious noise and pungent odors; reports of vibrations to homes  sulfur dioxide permit limits violated rates at the flare  

 and these are just the ones reported to LDEQ

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