Monday, March 23, 2015

workers matter

Susan Criss, The Daily News

"These companies invest in chamber of commerce activities and advertising dollars to prove their support of their neighboring communities. They send representatives to chamber and charity events to show they care. Talent, resources and dollars are spent promoting their corporate good will and good citizen images.

Yet they refuse to spend money maintaining refinery machinery in decent enough condition to prevent their workers from being killed. ……………………………….. in Texas City on March 23, 2005 the BP plant exploded in one of the worst refinery accidents in United States history. Fifteen workers died and more than 180 were injured. Some of the injured were burned beyond recognition.

[reports] … revealed a culture of complacency toward worker safety at that refinery contributed to the disaster. Worker fatigue resulting from excessive overtime hours was another problem cited.

Why are the USW members on strike? Because their workers do matter."

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