Friday, May 3, 2013

Nothing but love..........

Nothing But Love is about a community that was overlooked by rescue and recovery groups, and how the residents overcame the disaster. They weren’t asking, “Why aren’t people helping us?” They were saying, “No one is coming to save us, so how can we help each other?” This place was called The Forgotten Parish but, once you know about it, you won’t be able to forget it.


St. Bernard book

by caliluvsno, 05/03/13 1:33 PM
Hi everyone, not sure if you'll remember me but I was on this forum a lot in the first years after Katrina. We worked together to get that Taco Bell boarded up. And I did some volunteer work in the Parish. Well, a few years ago I wrote a book about St. Bernard and how y'all impressed me with your positive attitudes after Katrina. It got picked up by and I donated my profits to The St. Bernard Project because I didn't feel right making money off the book. Just recently I decided to make the book available to anyone who wants to read it for free. I put the whole book on a website, you just go to the site and each chapter is there. I don't make a dime from it and there's no registration required. I just want as many people as possible to know about y'all and if, God forbid, any hurricane ever comes at you again, there'll be lots of people checking on you to make sure you're OK. The book is on this website, If you have comments about it or something you want to share, you can contact me by email at the contact address on the site.

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