Thursday, May 16, 2013

clear the air, it's filthy

EPA asked to Veto Air Permit

"If our air has too much of a pollutant like sulfur dioxide already, then its important to know the facts when a facility plans to put much more of it in our air. If pollution exceeds a certain level, then requiring controls could rein it in to safer levels. We can have both safer emissions as well as provide for public health and our quality of life -- the choice doesn't have to be one or the other."


Filthy air

The U.S. EPA illegally allows Valero Energy's oil refinery in St. Bernard Parish, to pollute and poison the air, Concerned Citizens Around Murphy claim in Federal Court. 

Federal Court Complaint:  Concerned Citizens Around Murphy vs EPA, filed Wednesday May 15 2013 in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana.
There seems to be a systemic problem of harmful emissions simply eluding permit applications in St Bernard Parish, Louisiana and the result is a significant deterioration of the air we breathe and the various adverse health consequences.  Just yesterday, the SBPG HRQLC  Commissioners expressed the community’s health concerns about the non-permitted emissions at a St Bernard calcining plant ; emissions of chemicals that LDEQ’s monitoring may not even sample for, including antimony, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and sulfates. 
The Federal Court Complaint filed May 15 2013 by students at Tulane University’s Environmental Law Clinic, on behalf of an association of neighbors, concerns a benzene saturation unit at Valero Energy’s Meraux refinery. The unit was constructed by Valero’s predecessor, Murphy Oil, U.S.A.
EPA previously objected  to Murphy Oil’s Title V Permit because, among other reasons, the permit record did not provide an adequate basis for LDEQ’s determinations. Petitions to EPA demonstrated that emissions calculations  were low-balled and some emissions eluded the application. If corrected, the application would require more stringent pollution controls.  LDEQ's response  only supplemented the permit record, without an opportunity for public input, and failed to resolve the objections in EPA’s Order. 

Concerned Citizens Around Murphy now seeks relief in Federal Court to compel EPA to act without further unreasonable delay, to modify, terminate, or revoke the permit.  A proper permit would lower emissions and protect human health.
The community wants Prevention not Dilution as the solution to pollution.

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